12" Type R vs 12" Perfect

I bought both of them and put them in the exact same box (.85 ft^3) gave them each the same amount of power (300 watts) and tested them in my car. As far as the SQ goes they were pretty much equal, but in that little enclosure with the 300 watts to each I found that the Perfect was louder. Based off that I returned the Type R and bought another Perfect and still have them to this day. So for my opinion I would go with the Perfect. Hope that helps.

I have 2 12 inch type r's in a 1foot cubed sealed box to each chamber with a little over 400 watts rms to each sub and I have no problem with them getting loud. Just give them at least 400 watts rms (rms rating is way low with the type r's) and you should be fine.

In my experience with Perfects, they are fragile, mediocre subs at best. They don't sound amazing and they don't get too loud. With minimal wattage (300 under) they are okay, but I would never suggest them to anyone. Type R's will take more abuse and sound similar enough to hold a definitve advantage. The Perfects are more efficient and have a lower Fs, evidence of which indicated above. There are far better subs out there for the money.

I always liked arguing with Mark about this, until Inifinity refused to recone my Perfect.. even for money. Shitty company, shitty customer service. The Perfects are decent, but I buy based on customer service as well. In this area, they're quite pathetic.

I had 2 Type R 12's with 1200 WRMS going to them in a small ported box. I thought the SQ was great, but they were lacking the low end bass IMO. I have always wanted the low notes to hit LOUD and they didn't do that for me. They were great for everythign else though.

I now am running 1 RE HC 15 with 200 WRMS (my amp broke, waiting a new big one //content.invisioncic.com/y282845/emoticons/smile.gif.1ebc41e1811405b213edfc4622c41e27.gif for my 2 HC 15's) and that hammers out the low notes far better than the Type R's. I'm not trying to discoruage you from the Type R, just letting you know how them compair to the HC to my ear. I did have 1200 RMS to 1 HC for a few weeks, before my amp broke, and that was about 2x as loud as my 2 12" Type R's.

Hope that helps a bit.....

Craig G

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