12" or 15" SQ Subwoofer Recommendations?

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I'm setting up a new system for my Mazda 6 and I am trying to go for SQ in this car over SPL (my other car is mostly SPL). I have a JBL BP1200.1 from my old system that would power the subs. Also laying around the house are two other amps an older RF 225.2 amp that powered some cheap RF's that fell apart and a Coustic 160SE.

Right now I'm looking at either two 12" or 15" that have enough power handling to be hooked up to the JBL without dying. The subs will be in a sealed box so I have looked at Kicker Solobaric's and Elemental Designs. Frankly there are just too many subs for me too choose from and I want something that is going to be much better than the Pioneer Premier 2000SPL's in my other car.

What would you guys recommend for quality SQ subs that aren't going to kill me price wise and can handle the power coming from my JBL or would work nicely with my other amps?

try some JBL Gti 12's or 15's. Hell mark Etheridge just won finals with those! I'm honestly considering them //content.invisioncic.com/y282845/emoticons/smile.gif.1ebc41e1811405b213edfc4622c41e27.gif They are very linear subs, not sure how cheap you can get them though. I think for the money (unless you get them used) you can get louder and more reliable subs with similar SQ as the IDMAx. Just my .02. I ran a pair of them till last week. Sold em and looking to try something new. They are really nice subs and are very accurate don't get me wrong.

These magnums sound like they're pretty tight too. But they are new so its kind of hard to say. Elemental D's A series was hyped up alot, then I bought a pair of E12a's and they certainly were not what they were cracked up to be, especially in the power handling department. SQ was decent, not great.

unless you got a big amp don't worry about Brahmas or xxx's. Although I must say I haven't heard one of these and I have heard a couple people say these get going pretty good with 500w-600w.


ill say go with.. infinity,pioneer,kenwood,rockford subs... if you can afford it.. if not get to know someone that works there so you can get it cheap not retail price or you can be a robber and steal your stuff lol

If you want 2, I'd go with 2 RE SE 12's. Dual 4 ohm each, wire them down to 1 ohm which should be fine on that JBL amp. They can easily take their rated 600W RMS each, if not more.

Either that or 1 Magnum D2 15 or 1 Brahma

Got me a 15 MagD2 and am enjoying the hell out of it. Just can't wait to get a batt/alt so I can run my Tantrum amp on it and really get it going.

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