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Audio System Setup

Found 3 results

  1. Hello folks! I'm currently putting together a modest SQ build and have run into a bit of a snag with subwoofer, enclosure, and amplifier selection and would greatly appreciate some advice on the matter. The snag is my lack of familiarity with the current "good brands" and the strange lack of shops willing to demo SQ subwoofers or their "high end" subwoofers. While the overall goal is excellent sound quality, I am an oldschool basshead at heart and still want exceptional levels of loud when the mood strikes me. I have, over a few decades, owned various sizes of subwoofers and enclosures and have found that they all have their own merrits however, my favorite subs/enclosure were 2 Soundstream SS10R's (circa mid nineties) sealed with a 600w monoblock supplying the juice. I would love to have something that either matches the level of output and accuracy of that set up or exceeds it, in terms of sonic transparency, as well as the ability to compliment my front stage set up and rattle some door parts loose. I have access to Arc Audio, Hertz, Focal, FI, DD, DA, JL, Audio Frog, Sun Down, and Fosgate. I would prefer to stay within a budget of $1500 for sub(s) and amplifier. The environment is a 2018 Mustang GT, and I have, roughly 3 cubic feet to use for enclosure space. The build, so far, is as follows: •Hertz Mille pro 163.3 three way front stage fully active. •Arc Audio XDi 1200.6 •Arc Audio PS8 DSP Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  2. I have a Jetta 2002 with a Monsoon stereo (stock). The car has 8 speakers, and the sound quality and base sounds really good to my standards. I recently got tired of using the aux-to-tape solution, and wanted a more slick connection method. I therefore got hold of a Blitzsafe, so I could get an aux-cable which goes directly into the stereo. The Blitzsafe replaces my CD-changer-in-trunk input with an aux-cable. Then something strange happens.. The overall sound quality and base sounds WAY better when I use the old tape, rather than the Blitzsafe. Even though the Blitzsafe is supposed to give me good and original CD quality sound. What is going on?? Also, after doing some testing, I realized that the Blitzsafe does not care at all about the settings on my phone's Spotify equalizer, while the tape does (a lot). That just makes no sense to me, as the equalizing happens within the phone, before it reaches the stereo..? Why then does it have no effect on the Blitzsafe? Any feedback on this would be greatly appreciated! Thanks guys.
  3. I'm tired of my boomy, muddy kicker solo baric L7 12" x 2. I've heard a few good, clean subs and they've made me change my mind. SPL is out, sound quality is in. I'm redoing my subs and want the cleanest, flattest response I can get down to a solid 18-20hz. I'm willing to spend around $1,000 for just the sub/s themselves. If I need to port it and bump the low end up to get that low, that's fine too. I just don't want an insane spike at 35-40hz. So what are my options? I do need it loud, but I don't need it as loud as my current setup (1500 rms). I'd say maybe 1,000 rms is as low as I'd like to go, but if they'r3 at 5,000 rms and still put sound quality first then I'd accept that. They need to fit in a full sized car's trunk. It needs to be smooth and clean. Any ideas?