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Audio System Setup

Found 5 results

  1. Hello guys, recently I bought an amplifier over ebay. The model is: Pioneer - GM 3000 the version with 8DIN connectors at the back, however seller didn't mention that. So I spoke to an electrical mechanic who added chinches to this connectors and tried the amplifer locally at the workplace and it's working. Whenever I tried to connect it to my car, it does start for a couple of seconds, but the noise is really strange like I have a broken speaker and then it turns off. He told me maybe bad ground or something, but I tried on a different car with differents cables and it remain the same issue. I thought to myself if the cables aren't strong enough maybe they don't provide the necessary power to supply this monster the cables I ordered are these: Cables I ordered I connected everything as it supposed to be, but it doesn't work at all. It starts for a couple of seconds then it turns off, maybe goes in protect mode but I don't understand this very much. Any advice appreciated also if you have service manual for this model: Pioneer GM-3000 I will be very happy.
  2. Helloooooo Just to be clear i literally know nothing about car audio installations and i need help so i came here. I have a renault clio hatchback 2007 and i am wishing to install the skar audio spx-65c component system to the vehicle i dont want it to be runnning very loud, so i would like to stick to the stock amplifier if that is possible with the components i have brought (but only if it would work). Also how would i go about wiring up the external crossovers to the items that come stock in the car? and finally... what will i have to change / buy (besides from the mountings in the door) to make all the of this work? any help is greatly appreciated
  3. danmathew

    Why 6.5" Car Speakers Best Now?

    As I m searching forums & blogs to learn about different size car speakers I found these days most people are fond of using the 6.5" car speakers mostly. The main reason behind it because 6.5" is smaller than other upper size speakers. And which is easy to fix in car. And also 6.5" speakers take less space as a result. Another reason can be the digital modern system. These days modern & clean sound produced by 6.5" speaker. That's another reason people are mostly liked that size. Also the modern car are build for small place & digital quality sound. 6.5" are the best match for new cars. Fell free to share your opinion. If I shared something wrong feel free to give me correct information. I won;t mind :D
  4. Someone please help I’m running a kicker zx 1000.1 mono block amp and i want to get a new sub i was looking at the Alpine type r 12 and 15 i just want to run one of them because i have limited space in the back seat of my truck. But from what i can see with the rms power and everything else both the 12 and the 15 seem like they are the same for the most part beside size i obviously want the better harder hitting and better sq if some one can please help me out also some input on boxes would be great too thanks !!! Other ideas for speakers would be appreciated too nothing to crazy in price and good quality
  5. Hi All, I'm pretty new to the whole car audio industry and am looking to get my first aftermarket sound system set up in my car. I just bought a used 2013 Mazda CX-5 Sport with the most basic sound system and am looking to upgrade. My budget on parts is around $500-$800 and I'm hoping to get some advice on how I can get the best sound system with this budget. Here is what I was thinking so far: Rear coax speakers - Infinity Kappa 62.11I 150W 6.5-Inch 2-Way Coaxial Speakers - $105 Front component speakers - Infinity Kappa 60.11CS 6-3/4" component speaker - $160 Dampening material - Stinger RKX36B Roadkill Dampening Bulk Pack - $95 Amp - JL Audio RD400/4 NexD 4 Chan Class D Amp - $270 Subwoofer - MTX Audio Terminator Series TNE212D 1,200-Watt Dual 12-Inch Sub - $150 Total part cost - ~$780 Someone also recommended that I also get: AudioControl LC7i Black 6-Channel Line Output Converter - $135 I'm not sure what this does and if it's required. Is this worth the extra $135? Installation - The first store I went to quoted me $410 to get all of this installed (Component-$150, Coax-$90, Amp-$170). This seemed pretty steep to me. Is this a normal price to charge for installation? If there are options that could be less expensive (in the $300 range, I would love to hear those as well). Any help/advice is much appreciated!!