1. Re3xxx

    WANTING SUBS! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lookin for big/loud *** subs

    Okay im lookin for subs that get loud as hell, i'm talkin crazy *** loud. give me some ideas, maybe even some prices, i really want 3 or 4 15" subs. i have the money to spend i just need some help pickin what ones to choose, so many choices!!!!!!!!!!! please help out. all help will be very...
  2. J

    WTB AQ HDC3 15 D2 copper coils

    I need a 15" audioque hdc3 15 that is Dual 2 ohm, and has copper coils. Anybody got 1?
  3. M

    will 2 12" dc level 4's with an AQ2200D amp work?

    so will an audioque AQ2200D amp work well with 2 12" level 4's? if it doesnt lease recommend a clean cheap and powerufl amp that will.
  4. mattj

    FS: RD Audio 1800.1 *[email protected]* PROTOTYPE 1 of 2

    1. Product: RD Audio 1800.1 amp PROTOTYPE 1 of 2 made 2. Specs: 2300rms at 1 ohm. 1200rms at 2 ohm. It doesnt have markings for inputs but I will provide the owner with the layout. I was told that it was only 1 ohm stable but I havent seen it really get all that warm after playing full tilt...
  5. J

    Image Dynamics SPL 15" Subwoofer RARE only 6 made same as Atomic APXX

    I am selling my Image Dynamics SPL 15 that is in great shape and sounds excellent!This sub is extremely rare and there is only 6 of them ever made.These were made by Image Dynamics,not just a recone on a motor.This has the same specs as the Atomic APXX but I was told this is actually bigger.I...
  6. J

    Kicker ZX850.4 OBO Trade

    I have a Kicker ZX850.4 that is in great condition and works excellent,I am moving and getting rid of my extra stereo equipment.If you have any questions just ask or make an offer.I may accept trades let me know what you have (brand and model).I am asking $225+shipping but make any reasonable offer.
  7. f1mclarenagr

    Will these amps push 2x 3512e?

    First post here;) I currently have 1 Hifonics Brutus BRZ1700.1D that puts out 1700WRMS @ 1Ohm @14.4Volts. It is CEA-2006 rated so it does the power and may be a bit more. I am planning on grabbing a second one, and was wondering if I bridge these together using an MLX-100, will it be able to...
  8. aq1200d


    new wiring and cleanup
  9. Old Rockford t1d4 next to my new HDC310D1

    Old Rockford t1d4 next to my new HDC310D1

    Old Rockford t1d4 next to my new HDC310D1