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$3.00 per month
$40.00 per month

Below are the noted benefits of a Supporting Vendor membership:

*Your username is bold and a different color (Green).

*Your own unique forum! Your forum can allow customers to ask questions, get quotes on projects or items, or allow you to post information about your business, etc. Having your own unique forum will give you much much more visibility on the forum and thus potentially more sales and revenue.

*Upgraded signature size and image limits, thus giving you more freedom to promote your business in your signature.

*You can customize your profile page, such as font, font color, page colors and background image, to represent the look of your business, or to stand out from the rest.

*5000 limit private message box! Regular members have a 300 message limit. 

*You can post your business ad in your signature with a link to your business site.

*You can post your business related car audio for sale threads in the corresponding classified forums.

*Your classified threads will be prefixed with "Vendor", so members will know your classified listing is posted by a Supporting Vendor and will also make it much more visible within the other listings.

*You can post threads in a special Supporting Vendors forum. In this forum, you can include product discounts, contests, prize giveaways, etc. You can also open/close your threads in this forum.

*And much fewer ads! **When it's possible technically wise with the forum software, vendors will see NO ads at all.

If you're ready to upgrade your membership, it's very easy. It's really just a point and click and once you're finished with providing payment, your membership is instantly converted over to a Supporting Vendor membership, with no wait at all.