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    FOR SALE Mosconi AMAS-LD4C universal high resolution bluetooth

    Hooked up to verify that it works, but decided to go hard-wire instead. I've verify that this support SBC, AAC, AptX and LDAC. Condition is like new. I'll cover USPS priority shipping for CONUS.
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    Own a hacked iPhone? Do NOT install update

    Not true. AT&T and Apple signed a 5 years deal. It's exclusive to AT&T for 5 years in US. Maybe you can buy unlocked from importers, I would imagine it's going to cost a lot more.
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    Own a hacked iPhone? Do NOT install update

    Apple and AT&T, talk bout monopoly. With T-mobile, I just call and ask for unlock code.
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    Halo3 will own your mother!

    Tell your parents to go with you. Microsoft is also offering the following prizes as giveaways at each of these events: * Halo Action Clix * Halo trading cards * Halo: Ghosts of Onyx novel by Eric Nylund * Frag Fest t-shirts via Mighty Fine * Hats and accessories from Changes * Messenger...
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    Halo3 will own your mother!

    If you are from Seattle, Microsoft is hosting event to give away free products at Best Buy in Bellevue tonight. SpikeTV and G4 Network would broadcast the event. I think other places are NYC Timesquare, Miami and Gamestop in LA. # Best Buy, 457 120th Ave NE, Bellevue, WA 98005 -- Seattle fans...
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    Small but powerful - component amp

    Alpine PDX 2.150
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    Halo3 will own your mother!

    Cool, your buddy work at the warehouse and stole a copy? LOL.
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    Halo3 will own your mother!

    You do know companies put out a lot of fake "leaks" for marketing purposes right? Games have many revision and change all the time before final release.
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    Halo3 will own your mother!

    I might just stop by the company store to see how long is the line Tuesday morning, I don't play or own xbox, but it'll be a nice gift for friend for $25.
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    I love Entourage. Too bad the season just ended. I also love The Wire, are they going to continue a new season?
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    Advice on small system

    Where are you going to find a professional to install all these gears and sound proof with RAAMMat for $500 including sub box and wiring? Not to mention you are not buying from them.
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    Bought a pair of coaxials from flipx99, item arrived nicely packed as described. Works great too as I just put them on as rear fill.
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    Sound Deadening Question : Door panels

    If you don't want to cut metal and use screws into the panel, then just go to hardware/art store, get some thin plywood or mdf, cut then into shape, put few layers of Damplifier on the inside, stick the board on, then another few layers on top of the mdf/plywood on the outside. Pretty easy.
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    Once again, the Ghetto shit I see at CC.......

    See what you did? now people are going to think CC installed those.
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    Audio made in the USA

    Like I said "designed, handcraft" all cannot be called "Made In USA". Not according to the FTC.
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    Audio made in the USA

    I guess that's why they are so expensive then. If they printed "Made in USA" on the products, "handcraft, design, assemble" those doesn't count. "according to a ruling by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the "Made In USA" logo is to signify that a product is made completely (98%) of...
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    Audio made in the USA

    Your only choice is to find amps that are "Assembled" in USA. No electronic components are made strictly in USA anymore. I bet not even at NASA.
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    8 gauge wire into push terminals?

    It's a secret sub built by the Defense Department that detonate and can destroy the whole town. Hence require 2 8 gauge wires.
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    Pics of my Profi Vanadium Phase Plug set + install pics

    Did you figure out what's wrong with the crossover? Or you are going active now?
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    Need help choosing a 8" Sub

    I owned RE8 and swap it with ID8, played as loud, more musical and tonality correct. I don't know how you can call the RE8 SQ sub.
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    2007 Forester XT Sound Deadening on Labor Day

    Spent a couple of hours today to redo my door, sealing up all the big holes using some wood cardboards and RAAMMat, I also redo the Ensolite, the first time around looks horrible, this time look more acceptable, not professional by any means. The inner and outter door skins are coated with...
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    WTB 5 1/4 Coaxial

    Thanks, but 6.5" wouldn't fit in the backdoor. I think found a pair. Thanks.
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    WTB 5 1/4 Coaxial

    The refurbished Pioneer I bought cheap from Ebay is buzzing at the voice coil, so I need another set for rear fill. I am not looking for anything fancy, 25-50 RMS. Let me know if you need to clear your closest, garage, whatever..
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    Good 5.25" Speakers

    I think Manny is right. My Forester has one of the thinnest door panel to work with, you can barely put a 2" depth speakers in the door without spacers. Even that I only need less than 1" spacer to fit the Rainbows, bucket diameter is no problem. I can't see why Rainbows set (assume profi or...
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    outboard time alignment

    I've been researching the same thing, since I have a D3 without T/A. We are shit out of luck here unless you want to pay for expansive DSP like 3Sixty.2 or PPI DCX-730 that comes with all the extra feature set.
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    Genesis Profile

    double post
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    Genesis Profile

    There are different products for different market. Genesis's market is more the ECA crowd than the My local dealer was installing 2 Genesis Profile 2 with a set of Hertz HLK and Hi-Energy sub in a Porche, it sounded awesome. They are beautiful as well. I was considering it, but decided...
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    CAL26 titan tweeter shutting off - Phase Plug set, ideas??

    I doubt 200RMS is too much power for the profi. I have 550+RMS on tap for the profi 2 way, no problem with tweeter cutting off. Obviously I have not tried full blast for obvious reason, it gets pretty loud. My guess is the crossover. If the amp shut off, the midbass would've cut off too, not...
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    Amplifier settings on Pioneer D3

    When you set the gain, turn the EQ off (flat), and set the Subwoofer bass boost to 0db.
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    Amplifier settings on Pioneer D3

    Set the SLA higher, and adjust the gain on your amplifier. Your amp should put out the same wattage at the correct gain level.
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    Post Up Your Dorm Room........

    Haha, my profile location said Kirkland, WA, it's 15 minutes north of Bellevue, east of Redmond. I graduated from OU class of 1998. Another OU classmate of mine are going to watch the Seahawks/Vikings game this Saturday to see "All Day" Adrian Peterson play. Can't wait. I am not a fan of NFL...
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    Here's my Buddhism booklist from Amazon to get started. I don't practice Tibetan Buddhism, rather Theravada Buddhism. (Sri Lanka, Thailand). An no, I am not discussing any belief here...
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    Post Up Your Dorm Room........

    BOOMER!! I never live in the dorm, I did live in an apartment called 4 Seasons (lol) on Brooks St next to the Stadium. That's in the early 90s.
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    she went to rehab. I lol'ed at this.

    She sounds like Macy Gray.
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    Alpine PDX Amps

    I'll go with 2 amps, but I got the 4.150 instead. It's bridged to power Profi Kick 2 way. With the gain turn all the way down of course, and my HU has tiny preout voltage. I use 1.600 to power 2 ID8 at 4ohm. Gives me room if I ever want to go active.
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    Clarion Navigation Recall

    I was browsing for "lead paint" toys recall list and saw this. Thought some of you might have them. Clarion is recalling some portable navigation unit batteries. The word "burn and fire" scares me.
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    mp3s and hertz dont mix...

    Are you using AUX in or Ipod Adapter? Ipod Adaptor is better because it by pass the Ipod DAC. If you use AUX in, you can kiss the SQ good bye, on top of lost of quality due to compression. Use Apple Lossless to store your music, and get the Ipod adaptor.
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    Hello from WA

    Welcome. We are neighbors.
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    FS: Zed Audio Gladius w/ Burr Brown x2

    Come on now, this amp gives you "EXTREME" sound quality.
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    Amplifier settings on Pioneer D3

    LexusRob, What SLA level are you testing them at? I increase the SLA to +3/4 DB to get more voltage out of it. It'll be cool to know if you max those out to 4 when you tested it.

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