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    Help with enclosure for sundown U12

    Here’s another idea I was thinking of. I’m doing a single 12 in the center of the box just for aesthetics I was wanting ports on the sides of the sub. Would two slot ports work. If I needed 32 inches of port area and one port needs to be 3” wide by 10” tall and 15”deep. Could I just do two and...
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    Help with enclosure for sundown U12

    My plan is a double baffle and whatever bracing or box dimensions I need to get it between probably 2.25 and 2.5 ft.³ I know sundown recommends 2.00. Do you think that it would benefit having a little extra space? And I planned on running the sub facing forward with the trunk sealed as best I...
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    Help with enclosure for sundown U12

    I’m in the process of designing an enclosure for my sons car it will be in the trunk of a Camry the size will be around 2.5 cubes and was going to use two 4 inch aero ports around 10 inches in length. The dimensions of the box would be 38 inches wide by 13.5 high by 12 inches deep. The sub would...

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