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    do i need to upgrade my alterantor and/or battery

    I have decided to go with a hifonics brx2400.1 Brutus and series parallel my 2 alpine swr12d2's. That will put out 1400 watts or 700 watts per sub.... will my current electrical system be ok with these numbers? I drive a 2014 Volkswagen Jetta se.
  2. J

    need help with box specifications

    So my current set up that I will be installing is 2 alpine swr-12d2's running series parallel to equal a 2 ohm final impedance. They will be running at 550rms a piece. I would like the box to be tuned to 35hz. I would like help with port six. Whether to go single or dual chamber, cubic feet of...
  3. J

    question about wiring amp

    Oh one quick question do I have to parallel wire the subs or can you somehow wire them seperately
  4. J

    question about wiring amp

    Thanks so much saves me the haste of buying 2 amps
  5. J

    question about wiring amp

    So I was looking at the hifonics 2600.1d for 2 alpine swr-12d4's. Can you wiring both subs at 4 ohms to the amp. If I can would it still split the currents so that the 1100 rms you get at 4ohm is split to 550 per sub. I know that I'm not gonna be pushing the subs to their limit but I want to...
  6. J

    Need Help on new system install

    On the amp I'm looking to spend up to 300 but open to suggestions
  7. J

    Need Help on new system install

    I'm planning on getting 2 Alpine SWR-12D4's. Would a SSL EVO2200.2 amp be adequate for this? I am also planning on getting a 2.0 farad capacitor. I don't want to put more than 1000-1100 watts RMS out right now because I don't have the money to upgrade all of my electrical. If I'm right this...

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