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    FS: BNIB a/d/s 236is Component Set

    Item(s) for Sale: BNIB a/d/s 236is Component Set Item(s) Description/Condition: As close to BNIB as you can get for a set of speakers this old. 9.9/10. The box is showing its age due to being moved around a lot over the years. As you can see, I have opened most of the packaging to take...
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    The Holy Grails - Image Dynamics IDW Subwoofers

    I've been watching the eBay ad on the IDW18's...what's your bottom dollar shipped to 33615? I have many refs on eBay, CACO, and DIYMA in case the low post count worries you...
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    Original Sony XES Factory Installed System for Sale

    I am interested...please post pics or PM me for email address to send them to.
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    AA Avalanche DEAD OR ALIVE

    You gotta be doing something wrong...still saying its full.
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    AA Avalanche DEAD OR ALIVE

    Your inbox is still full... Email me at fivewhat90gt @ aol dot com
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    AA Avalanche DEAD OR ALIVE

    Tried to pm but your inbox was full
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    AA Avalanche DEAD OR ALIVE

    I am looking for an AA Avalanche motor or complete sub, working or blown. I would prefer a 12D2 to match the 3 that I have, but I am after the motor regardless so offer up 15's or 18's also. Paypal ready...I know someone here has an Avalanche they may want to part with. I have several refs on...
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    what a deal on this site jl 18w6 99 each

    Jumped on this deal early Saturday morning when I saw it posted on DIYMA. Called this morning and confirmed my order and they said they'll be sending them out. I haven't received tracking yet but I'll keep you guys posted as I receive updates from Credence. I have no doubt that these are...
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    Shocker sig motors $600 plus shipping

    The greatest motors in the history of all motors! Looks like you went deep into the countryside with Wayne Carini to haul these out of a wonder why it is taking you so long to wh0r3 these out!
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    AWSOME Amp Sale!!!

    Interested in a trade for the Autotek Mean Machine MX1300? I have a few things in my closet - JL Audio IsoPlates for 4x10" and 3x15", Alpine VPA-B222, DD 9512f, Hertz Air 5400 21" Subwoofer, AudioControl Three.1, AudioControl LC6i, Eclipse CD8454 (has INFO3 error) -AND- I have some non-CA stuff...
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    FS/TRD: Old school Orion 15d 1200watt spl competition subs

    Are these still available? I know my brother (ADST) has been trying to contact you for the sale/trade.
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    Everything For Sale!!! DD's, Stroker Pro's, Etc

    I've got a very nice 16-MC1300D Memphis Big Belle...near mint. 2nd Gen I believe with the black chrome finish. I even have the very rare bridging module that Memphis recommends instead of using a Y-splitter. I can take some pictures if you are interested. Maybe we can work out a trade for those...
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    FS/TRD: Old school Orion 15d 1200watt spl competition subs

    I don't have many more posts, but I can vouch for's my brother. I have refs on if you would rather complete the transaction with me. He is interested in these.
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    FS: DD9512f w/dual 0.5's

    1. Product: 1 Used Digital Designs 9512 "F" Subwoofer with dual 0.5 ohm voice coils 2. Specs: Model - 9512f Series - 9500f Woofer Diameter - 12" Voice Coil Diameter - 3" Voice Coil Type - 4 layer DVC Magnet Weight - 320 oz Cone Type - Synthetic Fiber Blend Power Handling RMS - 1200...
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    New guy from Chicagoland here!

    What's goin on everyone! I stumbled on over here from and will be doing an IB setup in my Lincoln LS with a Hertz Air 5400! It should get started in a few weeks...I will keep everyone up to date! Any other Lincoln LS owners out there?

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