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    Amp clam test leaving me with questions.

    LOL this place is fuct

    Enclosure design for 2 - 12" Tantric HDD's on 5K in a 2003 Chevy S-10 Crew Cab

    Ok... So as the title of this thread states: I'm going to be running x2 - 12" Tantric HDD's on 5K in my 2003 Chevy S-10 4x4 Crew Cab ZR5... I am totally AGAINST my subs being INSIDE of the CAB - I want to have my rear seat usable and fully functional in the end result... So I basically have 2...

    Tantric hdd 12s gettin down!!!

    Kinda hard to tell just watching a vid, but I'd say there's still a lot of meat on the bone to play with here... Don't run out and buy those SHD's just yet - Have some more fun with those HDD's 1st

    2 15''s in a cobalt

    - Add 1 good OFC run of 0 ga. from your alt to your vehicle batt for better charging. Duracell AGM batts can be found at most Sams club / Costco / Ect. locations - Diehard Platinum is also good AGM type of battery. All he is sayin is XS batts are super expensive... You can get the job done a...

    LMS Ultra T line

    18" T LINE ?!? GOOD GAWD MAN !!! That enclosure is going to take up the whole cab of the truck !!! lolz

    2 15''s in a cobalt

    3 SA-12's on a 3500 would get down... Anything beyond that and you gonna need more powa In my own personal experience: I've ran SA-12's, and bigger 3" & 4" coil subs in a trunk... You really don't gain a ton going with big extravagant more expensive 12" subs unless you seal off your trunk...

    2 15''s in a cobalt

    Nice I've got my 12" Tantric HDD taking 2500+ rms and laughing at it... I've never clamped my amp yet, but it's efficient as h3ll, and I Know it does rated power and then some, My electrical is up to snuff now finally in my new vehicle - NEVER drops below 14v even when I'm pushing it HARD... My...

    Posted on the wrong forum, please delete, thanks.

    Are these mounted in a DOOR? If so - You won't likely EVER get the SAME sound as you do from your home audio speaker... But you should be able to "tweak" it to a better suited sound for YOU It's all about what YOU like as far as sound is concerned, and tweaking amps, X-overs, and EQ settings...

    TRADEING my Two 12 inch dual subs and kinetik 800 battery for 15" sub

    OP: I seriously doubt ANYONE out there is going to want to trade you for any of that stuff... If I was you I'd change your CL post to a CASH SELLING PRICE ad posting instead of WTT... Get whatever you can - Take the money and run... You are going to LOSE considerably from whatever you have...
  10. NIHL8ION

    2 15''s in a cobalt

    When those SA-8's are set up properly, they get pretty nasty for 8" subs... I think you would notice a big difference just merely upgrading your amp... A single 1500 on 4 SA-8's seems a bit on the weaksauce side to me, Especially if those are the SA-8 v.2's If you do end up going with bigger...
  11. NIHL8ION

    Posted on the wrong forum, please delete, thanks.

    OK so do you feel this is lacking mid-range, or mid-bass ? If you feel that you are lacking mid-range: YES you should be able to adjust your HU / EQ / X-Overs to overcome or at least improve upon this situation... If it's mid-bass you are after: Look into treating your doors on your vehicle if...
  12. NIHL8ION

    Capacitor Problem?

    This cap is pretty much useless as most ppl above have already stated, but YES: to answer your question - The Cap's Ground should be a GOOD GROUND - NOT just ran over to one of your amp case / mounting screw / bolts ! EVERY ground in ANY vehicle SHOULD be treated the SAME WAY - Use the SAME...
  13. NIHL8ION

    New pioneer champion pro series TS-W3002D2 4

    I used to get those subs BNIB for around $100 shipped... At that price point they were hard to beat, I sold several install jobs utilizing those subs and never had a single complaint or issue. YES there are wayyy betterrr subs out there, but at the time not anything for $100 BNIB that was better...
  14. NIHL8ION

    Is car audio a dying trend?

    Car Audio's not dead just yet... I turn unsuspecting newbs with no prior knowledge of car audio into new bassheads all the time... This shyt's like crack, give em' a lil taste, and then they just can't get enuff of the stuff
  15. NIHL8ION

    Subsonic Filter turned off question

    If you didn't want to run a SSF or ever run an amp that doesn't have one: You can also easily tweak the EQ on a higher end HU that has a good band-width of EQ adjustments to have a similar effect
  16. NIHL8ION

    Ok I need help with selecting subs

    American Bass XFL 12" subs are in that price range too - Very good bang for your buck
  17. NIHL8ION

    CT 7k question

    - If you are truly that concerned about the precise frequency of your x-over, looking at numbers on an amplifier case and merely adjusting it by eye is not the way to do it... I don't see why it would be necessary in this case as I would run the LPF on that amp wide open as high as it goes and...
  18. NIHL8ION

    Android Tablet in Car?

    I'm running a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 in my truck. I didn't want to make anything permanent so I just opted for a mount bracket that can be mounted in a variety of different ways and locations. It sounds pretty good hooked up to my 880PRS Aux input, but there's no way I'd ever run this direct...
  19. NIHL8ION

    Deal betweem NIHL8ION and livingloud!

    I NIHL8ION have recieved payment for the item listed in this thread from fellow member: livingloud! and have shipped the item to him.
  20. NIHL8ION

    Cadence Remote Bass Knob

    SOLD to: livingloud!
  21. NIHL8ION

    New cars and mid bass?

    NP Now CCF you should be able to find locally I would think... I get it from a buddy who gets it from where he works... CCF is just closed cell foam
  22. NIHL8ION

    Few problems installing subs in 07 Tahoe

    Yes that should be all "plug & play" for that vehicle
  23. NIHL8ION

    audiopipe apk3500d

    Aww sheet infamous. Never a dull moment bruh lmfao - GLWS:fro:
  24. NIHL8ION

    Favorite Movie Quotes

    "Now let me get this straight... You're saying that because you and me are friends... You're saying that that makes us N****** ?"
  25. NIHL8ION

    Gmc Sierra ext cab epic (for me) build

    looking good, can't wait to see it all done
  26. NIHL8ION

    2014 deh8400

    I ran this HU last year in my GP for a bit before upgrading to the 80prs... Not a bad lil HU at all for the $$$ - And YES it has USB - glws Timmy
  27. NIHL8ION

    Old School Beef

    What a blast from the past - Looks sweet though, I love me some old-school goodness
  28. NIHL8ION

    im thinking of installing.......

    - Ah I gotcha... So you're just going to make it so you can't really even utilize most of the touch screen features then? Basically just looking to use this as a normal laptop then right? LOL why you say that? I'm not hating, I just question ppl's motives for doing things from time to time to...
  29. NIHL8ION

    Setting gains with voltmeter?

    That's funny because this whole time I'm just dumbfounded sitting over here wondering: HOW in the fukk are you still talking with that dikk in your mouth???!!! LMFAO The funny thing is: I'm NOT pissed, but I bet you are. I'll run my car / truck / bikes / sleds / quads / etc. All over you pussi -...
  30. NIHL8ION

    Few problems installing subs in 07 Tahoe

    - Because that's the one that vehicle calls for !!! Makes things a whole lot easier when ya have the CORRECT stuff to do the job
  31. NIHL8ION

    New cars and mid bass?

    - With your speakers you don't need to actually "seal" the door off persay, but I usually deaden over the bigger holes... Just make sure your drains at the bottom of the door are not covered up or clogged when you're done Here - There is a lot of useful info here, and on this site as a whole...
  32. NIHL8ION

    New cars and mid bass?

    Have you sealed up & deadened your doors and sealed off around the outside of the speaker to the door panels?
  33. NIHL8ION

    Stuck Between Two Subs

    Get the cheapest one you can then, I seriously doubt there will be much of an audible difference between any of them being limited to that kind of power... Just build a PROPER enclosure for whichever you decide upon and you should be good to go
  34. NIHL8ION

    Setting gains with voltmeter?

    if this isn't a troll thread, the op is an ignorant dumb fukc, so it really doesn't matter. Fukc him, fukc his gay boss cheapo flea market crap, and fukc his know it all attitude on a forum he hasn't even been around long - and already running his cokcsucker on
  35. NIHL8ION

    Setting gains with voltmeter?

    You **** at life and you will ALWAYS FAIL. You need to STFU and start listening, researching, and learning... If that's even possible for your little fkn pea brain to comprehend... & Oh yeah, one other thing..... GO FUKC YOURSELF YOU LITTLE BICTH
  36. NIHL8ION

    Feedback Please! Set up for 2008 Accord Sedan

    Buck does very nicework, he may be backlogged though, so if TIME is of the essence for you: I'd make a new post asking for help with building your enclosure and see who responds... There are a LOT of very capable designer / builders around here... If you want to keep the cost to a minimum and...
  37. NIHL8ION

    Setting gains with voltmeter?

    You're question was already answered you fukcing retard
  38. NIHL8ION

    Setting gains with voltmeter?

    You are a fkn idiot. I oughta come slap you upside your head with my "tiny dik" but then again - You'd probably like that ya fkn [email protected] Here's the scenario: Either A: You have misused your DMM and got your botched resluts which means = YOU are a POS / or B: Your DMM it's self is a POS = Either way...
  39. NIHL8ION

    Setting gains with voltmeter?

    LMFAO get a fkn clue dipshyt - I am sorry to inform you there Mr Knowitall... But getting 10v of output from a car audio amp equates to you DOING SOMETHING WRONG unless we're talking about a 100w rms @ 1 ohm amplifier which you are NOT... YOU are the moron who started throwing out insults, So...

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