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  1. Rattlebrain

    1998 Firebird with Monsoon sound system install advise.

    I am going to install an after market head unit into a 1998 Firebird with the Monsoon sound system. Has anyone worked with this and could give me advise to any possible issues? Looks pretty straight forward. But you never know.
  2. Rattlebrain


    Cool.. Thanks!!!!!
  3. Rattlebrain


    Would LOVE to. Just cant at this point in time. but thanks!!!!!
  4. Rattlebrain


  5. Rattlebrain


    Which would be?.?.?.?.?
  6. Rattlebrain


    I have been out of the loop for quit a while. Is soundsplinter no more?? I was hoping to some day aquire a Rlp-15. I still at this point am unable to get one, But if they are "no more "then I will persue other options.
  7. Rattlebrain

    Im craving a CRX

    Almost a year later.....BUMP!!
  8. funky back

    funky back

  9. Funky Front

    Funky Front

  10. Rattlebrain

    Caption this pic

    "Wonder if he like chicken on a stick, shot by a silver bullet, basted in garlic."
  11. Rattlebrain

    2 12" Funky pups sonosub build **not a joke**

    I just went to the garage and looked at my FUNKY PUP.....I farted jelly beans.
  12. Rattlebrain


    Smells good huh?
  13. Rattlebrain


    I just farted.
  14. Rattlebrain

    2 12" Funky pups sonosub build **not a joke**

    Oh Shit.... didnt think about that. :sneaky::sneaky:
  15. Rattlebrain

    2 12" Funky pups sonosub build **not a joke**

    Thanks but no. I had two, sold one and want to keep the other one for shits, grins and giggles.
  16. Rattlebrain

    What is it with Old School Amplifiers?

    My old school Punch 75
  17. Rattlebrain

    2 12" Funky pups sonosub build **not a joke**

    I have a virgin 8"funky pup. Never seen power........... *sniff* they go boom like sooo
  18. Punch 75 bottom

    Punch 75 bottom

  19. Punch 75 Top

    Punch 75 Top

  20. Punch 75 Side

    Punch 75 Side

  21. Rattlebrain

    Who's got themselves ready for 2012?

    2012 will be as devastating as Y2K. But if it’s not, My preparations are: Buy lots and lots and lots and lots of beer. Can’t go without a good buzz going. Bend over and kiss my a$$ goodbye because I live close to a Prime nuclear target. And who gives a $hit because whatever will be will be...
  22. Rattlebrain

    Xbox 360 Fable 2

    im addicted to Fabel II I got the "red ring of death" on my xbox today and went and got a new one just so I could play it. lol
  23. Rattlebrain

    More comedy from craigslist

    i just farted 150 dbeez
  24. Rattlebrain

    What Song Is This

    OH OH OH ........I Know this one.....ummmmmm Three 6 Mafia - Late Night Tip Has anyone mentioned this yet?
  25. Rattlebrain

    Old School Installs

    I enjoyed it
  26. Rattlebrain

    car audio stuff!!

    I like the sub in the bathroom.
  27. Rattlebrain

    Post Up Your Tattoos

    We share the same birthday. Except mine is 33 years earlier lol. Thats good work. Ive always been worried about getting a portrait. If the artist is having a bad day or just ***** at portraits, well your pretty much screwed.
  28. Rattlebrain

    Post Up Your Tattoos

    your loss
  29. Rattlebrain

    Post Up Your Tattoos

    Here is a pic of my new Tat. And here is one of my wifes new one.
  30. Wifes New Tat.

    Wifes New Tat.

  31. My new Tat.

    My new Tat.

  32. Kia Soul

    Kia Soul

  33. Rattlebrain

    How should I go about setting my amp gains (and other settings)
  34. Rattlebrain

    help me pick a baby name

    Callme Jackson
  35. Rattlebrain

    help me pick a baby name


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