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  1. Spooney

    Carver K MOS 2150 (old school)

    Amp was sold long ago
  2. Spooney

    TMA 500.1 amp blowing power stage Fets

    Not worth the repair unless you can handle it yourself. Did the fets blow as soon as you hooked up power and ground or as soon as you applied remote turn on?
  3. Spooney

    Whoops, a newbie blew his sub!

    Can you tell us a little about your setup? What size box and what’s the tuning? What amp/ohm load or how much power are you running? Gain settings,bass boost (hopefully none) , etc.    Too many variables we don’t know for anyone to be real helpful. My best guess though is clipping killed your sub. 
  4. Spooney

    FS: Skar Audio EVL 15 D2

    First off let me start off with I’m interested. Secondly I’m curious to know what happened that made you instantly realize the box was too small? Why not just build a bigger box for it? 
  5. Spooney

    Michigan State Finals - Tipton, MI - 18 AUG 2018

    I’ll be there! Team Blaupunkt FTW 
  6. Spooney

    Fs: 15" re destroyer / concept csp lmt-15 sql

    Have the tinsel leads been repaired or replaced?
  7. Spooney

    JLJunkie's Retarded Budget Build

    Definitely nice meeting you too @JLJunkieMX107 . I thought the Blaus sounded great man and definitely had plenty of output. Your windshield had some nice little flex to it when you turned it up. For the money invested in the subs it’s amazing and makes me want to get something going in my...
  8. Spooney

    Aurora Acoustic subs?

    Was the first thing that entered my mind
  9. Spooney

    So I just ordered 4 of these...

    I went to buy one of the Blaupunkt tens today just to play around with and they’ve raised the price on those fuckers now too. 34.99 a piece now. Bastards
  10. Spooney

    Lovin' this 4th order

    Hell if I just had volumes and port size I can work from there. I’d pay you for your trouble of course. Going to be a while before I get those 8 Blaus into something but I thought about building something to toss into the back of my truck to hit a show or two. Kinda ***** I have a Silverado...
  11. Spooney

    Lovin' this 4th order

    @THATpurpleKUSH do you design 4ths? I’ve been ******* around in WinISD but I don’t really know **** about 4ths. Thought about trying one for my 8 Blaupunkt 12’s
  12. Spooney

    JLJunkie's Retarded Budget Build

    I’m sure someone around here has got to have a meter but I don’t personally know of anyone. I might get one once I start my build but that’s a while out yet
  13. Spooney

    Old School Roll Call

    Sup mofo @BassAddictJ
  14. Spooney

    So I just ordered 4 of these...

    Box turned out **** good man. Makes me want to get off my *** and build something.
  15. Spooney

    Slamology 2018 roll call

    Ahh ok. I thought I saw somewhere that you were in Michigan. I live southwest of Lansing about halfway between Lansing and Battle Creek.
  16. Spooney

    Slamology 2018 roll call

    @THATpurpleKUSH ; where are you from?
  17. Spooney

    So I just ordered 4 of these...

    I’ve been watching the website everyday waiting for them to go back down some. I already have 8 of the 12’s but I’d like to get four more at least. They are definitely worth the current price they are asking but I have a hard time paying that when they were like 1/3 of that a few weeks ago.
  18. Spooney

    Slamology 2018 roll call

    Yeah that’s the one. He did the same thing to me. He was banging on it for a while and then they threw a sensor in and metered it real quick and he shut it down before I could sit in it
  19. Spooney

    Slamology 2018 roll call

    Yeah I didn’t even try to go today. Looked like it was gonna be ****** out. I just looked at my pics and that guy had two AB VFL 750.1’s
  20. Spooney

    Slamology 2018 roll call

    Silver caravan wasn’t it? I think I have a pic of his amp rack
  21. Spooney

    Slamology 2018 roll call

    I was waiting to get a listen on that one and the guy shut it down right when it would have been my turn. Crazy door and windshield flex on that bad boy.
  22. Spooney

    Slamology 2018 roll call

    You bringing your truck with the Blaus in it? I’ll be there Saturday to check out the show
  23. Spooney

    JLJunkie's Retarded Budget Build

    Coming along nicely man!
  24. Spooney

    JLJunkie's Retarded Budget Build

    Design looks amazing man! I want to check this out when it’s done
  25. Spooney

    JLJunkie's Retarded Budget Build

    That’s perfect power for them. They don’t need or want much more than that
  26. Spooney

    JLJunkie's Retarded Budget Build

    Bro I would love to hear it once you’re done! I can tell you from first hand experience those Blaupunkt subs are great little drivers. I have four of the 8’s myself. I also bought 8 of the 12’s which is what I’ll be using once I can get my build off the ground. **** man I was even considering...
  27. Spooney

    JLJunkie's Retarded Budget Build

    Excited to see how this turns out man. I am doing something very similar but it’s still probably a year out. Got subs already and amps on the way but no vehicle as of yet lol.
  28. Spooney

    So I just ordered 4 of these...

    I already purchased 8 of the 12’s and may snag four more but my build will most likely be a year out
  29. Spooney

    So I just ordered 4 of these...

    I was finally able to get the 8 into my truck today. I am more than happy with its performance. It’s in a less than ideal enclosure that is down firing under the back seat of my pickup that specs out at .5 cubic feet tuned to 37hz with a port that’s a bit too small but it still sounds pretty...
  30. Spooney

    So I just ordered 4 of these...

    Just ran one of my first four 12’s sealed on about 200 Watts and I can say that the 12’s are quite a bit stiffer than the 8’s are. Wasn’t getting a whole lot of movement but the suspension definitely has the room for more excursion, it just needs to soften up a bit. It didn’t sound bad at all...
  31. Spooney

    So I just ordered 4 of these...

    12’s went up to 25 and some change sometime after lunch today when I ordered my second set of four at 14.54 a piece and even got Walmart to do a price adjustment on my first 4 for the 14.54 price. So yeah I bought 8 12’s for $116.32 lol. Not sure what the hell im gonna do with them but **** for...
  32. Spooney

    Sundown ev5 8" sealed?

    Ran an Aq/Soundqubed SDC2.5 in a sealed box just to see how it sounded after talking it over and getting an enclosure recommendation from customer service and it sounded very good. Obviously not the output it can achieve ported but it sounded good. Not the train wreck most people would try to...
  33. Spooney

    Sundown SA-8 NEEDS RECONE

    GLWS buddy. Did you get this from me?
  34. Spooney

    RE Resonant Engineering XXX 05 Style D2

    Excellent seller and a great guy here folks. I'm surprised this hasn't sold already. You should try diyma buddy.
  35. Spooney

    Old School PPI Sedona Series 500IQX (made in usa surfboard amp)

    Amp is long gone. I can't believe I left this open. My mistake.
  36. Spooney

    Memphis 16-st1000d

    Man I wish I had the coin. I love these amps! Don't suppose you'd have any interest in an Alpine Type R 8 thats basically new in partial trade?
  37. Spooney

    Tang Band NEO 6" Sub Pair

    I have a pair of these and they are very impressive drivers. These are true subwoofers. No problems getting low and impressive output. Wish I had the extra cash to buy these because 4 in my truck would be amazing! GLWS
  38. Spooney

    CT sounds 750.1 anyone know if it does rated rms? says 750 1ohm 12.8v

    Thanks a lot bud! I appreciate that.
  39. Spooney

    CT sounds 750.1 anyone know if it does rated rms? says 750 1ohm 12.8v

    I'll sell ya a like new skar RP800.1 D for 90 shipped. Email if you're interested as I don't hang out around here much anymore. Does some pretty impressive power numbers on the amp dyno [email protected]
  40. Spooney

    What happened to Sonic?

    I have gotten refurbs/returned gear sent to me on several occasions as "new". Sometimes they are good about it and then sometimes they try to give you an extended warranty to get you to take the beat up gear anyway. I have had good experiences with them though too. If the price is really good...

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