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    PSI Audio amps

    Thanks, Steph. You're the man. 
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    Hi guys!! HELLO OMG! WOW
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    the pirate bay

    f*****g. Derp. 
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    Random Picture Thread

    Buncha *****. 
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    Wire Gauge Info?

    The important thing is to correctly fuse the wire. Keep in mind, with music, you won't be anywhere near 1400 watts sustained power. Music is dynamic. At 85% efficiency, you'll be at ~140A @12VDC. Really, you should step up to 1/0 for your main feed, and distribute from there. But, if you...
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    1/0 and 4 ga wire crimpers ? TEMCo Hammer Lug Crimper Tool 5 Year Warranty: Home Improvement
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    THE Thread

  8. ngsm13

    quick question on S shaped port

    It's algebra. Read my box design thread.
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    Alternative Trolling Site

    CT exists for one reason.
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    **Official R.I.P. Snoopy**

    First time I met him, IIRC.
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    **Official R.I.P. Snoopy**

    Indeed. RIP.
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    Throw the cap in the garbage. It's just as useful there.
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    setting the crossover?

    Are you wanting to run a 3-way active setup? This requires an amp directly to tweeters, and amp directly to mids, and an amp directly to subs. All crossover points are done at the HU, (pre-amp) and your amplifiers are given a processed signal that is already crossed-over according to the...
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    Contact info for teamPSI

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    Do I need a second batt

    My usual order of electrical upgrades is: -Big3 -Make sure you have sufficient size wire and solid ground to amp -Deep cycle battery to replace stock battery -Add 2nd same type deep cycle battery in rear
  16. ngsm13

    Sparking power cable

    The amplifier could be shorted. It blows fuses with no speakers connected?
  17. ngsm13

    Big 3 upgrade did squat. Deep cycle or 'normal' battery?

    On the GenII Dakotas the stock alternators are fairly weak, but not that weak. Are you actually measuring this drop with a DMM or just looking at the dash Guage? Because even with 300 DC Power XP alternator, 2 D3100s, and 200 feet of OFC 1/0 my dash voltage guage in my Dakota moves more than it...
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    Do I need a second batt

    I'm no sure how anyone could accurately answer your questions without knowing what amps or how much power you're running.
  19. ngsm13

    higher resistance = lower power consumption?

    Everything in this thread so far is inaccurate. It's simple Ohm's law. Power = Voltage x Current So, solve for current. Current = Power/Voltage Current = 1000watts/12v ~83 amps. Keep in mind this is assuming 100% efficiency, which doesn't happen in the real world. So let's assume 80%...
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    Crunk Flammable Jello Times

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    220 Amp Alternator

    Price drop. $230 shipped!
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    Crunk Flammable Jello Times

  23. ngsm13

    4 1/2 years and I have never posted in the Crunk Flammable Jello Times threads...

    9.5 years... and I started summa dat ****...
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    220 Amp Alternator

  25. ngsm13

    Crunk Flammable Jello Times

    This guy!!!
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    220 Amp Alternator

    Rated at 140 @ idle. Bolt-on, PCM controlled, easy-install!
  27. ngsm13

    220 Amp Alternator

    Item(s) for Sale: Mean Green 220amp High Output Alternator Fits the following vehicles: 1992 Dodge DW Pickup 3.9L V6 1993 Dodge DW Pickup 3.9L V6 1992 Dodge Dakota 3.9L V6 1993 Dodge Dakota 3.9L V6 1994 Dodge Dakota 3.9L V6 1995 Dodge Dakota 3.9L V6 1996 Dodge Dakota 3.9L V6 1997...
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    Crunk Flammable Jello Times

  29. ngsm13

    Crunk Flammable Jello Times

    I dun care.
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    What is the difference

    How big is it? That will let you know what version you have.
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    electrical question PLEASE HELP!!!

    Use a DMM to check the voltage with the car on an off, check at the batteries and the amp.
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    Crunk Flammable Jello Times

    Lol, day one of this thread... 2/18/05 I hit 4k posts... :hahaha:
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    First Amp You Fell in Love With?

    Negative, bought it used. It was either the amp or the RCA's that caused a noise problem in my car, alternator whine type of noise. I took the amp out, and added a sub amp at the same time with all new RCA's. Ended up getting something a little more powerful afterwards.
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    First Amp You Fell in Love With?

    Sure, hit me with an offer via PM.
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    I think I found my new favorite handgun

    Would like to get a 1911 next. What do you recommend as a a good start? I love my S&W M&P...
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    Dual Battery Questions

    Well, if you're gonna do it that way, quite taking shortcuts and just use 1/0 between the batteries too. lol
  37. ngsm13

    whats the deal with these batts?

    Yup, there's like 2 lead-acid battery manufacturers in the world.

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