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    08 Titan underseat build log here - 2 Shallow mount 12's downfiring w amp rack

    now that loook awesome......ive always admire ur builds but this one takes the cake..due to the various angles and the small kerfing....sweeeeeeetttt ...very nice touch on the vynil 80
  2. 80INCHES

    Oh yea its on now

    u sir r the man..if u ever need a box design let me know on me!!!!!!!! 80
  3. 80INCHES

    Oh yea its on now

    audioholic i know its been ages.....i been busy with my shop and various projects the list go on and on i had to come back to my roots all day everyday 80
  4. 80INCHES

    Oh yea its on now

    Happy bday to meee yayy 80 as a bday gift throw something in my paypal anything i dont care [email protected]
  5. 80INCHES

    4th order or sealed box for my system?

    ok im reading this thread and u can have a bandpass thats good for sq..but to be honest...i would just do a sealed box if sq is ur thing but if u want a bandpass thats has sq characteristics let me know i can design u one 80
  6. 80INCHES

    4th. order bandpass

    ok ur sealed chamber is too big for the 3 or 4 12s make ur sealed chamber 2.4 cubes and ur ported chamber 6 cubes with a 120 square inch port tuned to 47hz 80
  7. 80INCHES

    IA Death Penalty + Sundown 1500D

    look for me on facebook... 80
  8. 80INCHES

    IA Death Penalty + Sundown 1500D

    bump for a really kool guy here 80
  9. 80INCHES

    Best Amp for an 18inch Kove Armageddon U2?

    To thread starter...ur avatar is so kool...skinny chix with big juggs, melons, dance instructors, bewbs, high beams, torpedoes, pillowtops, muffins, and so on and so on 80
  10. 80INCHES

    might try a fourth order for my escape instead. any ideas?

    u can do a bandpass with those measurements...1.45 cubes sealed playing into 3.5 cubes ported(after sub and port displacement) with a 16.5high x 3.5wide (57.75 squareinches) of port 10inches long and ur good 80
  11. 80INCHES

    My friend has a 13 w7, and he says its the best sub ever made, prove him wrong.

    w7 is not a bad sub but definitly not the best sub in the world...and for the money seriously overpriced and over rated... i would put my 2004 re se 12's up against a 12w7 anyday..or a sundown sa12...these are subs that cost no were near as much and will crapp all over i mean straight dookie...
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    JL 15w3v2 enclosure

    to be honest....i dont know wat it is about the w3v1 and v2 but they loooooovvveee small bandpass boxes slap that sub in 1.cubesealed playing into 2cubes ported with 1 6 inch areoport 10inches long and have around 800 watts goin to it and u will be shocked cuz i daam sure was 80
  13. 80INCHES

    New style Soundigital 8000.1 8k

    not knocking the product but i the only way that will happen is if the owner of the 2 4500 didnt know wat he was doing...cuz in the lanes i will put up my saz1500 against the sd8k anyday...make it depend on the build and not on power 80 im just saying..
  14. 80INCHES

    help with 4th order for 16 12's

    agree..subsonic filter all the way down.....thats how i have it..and i have mt lpf all the way down as well..i love me lows 80
  15. 80INCHES

    160.3db at 30hz behind c pillar

    Hank just walked himself right into the record books and history 80
  16. 80INCHES

    2 solo x18's off American bass 1000.1- ideas on how to seal off rear window?

    mr slate where the hell have u been? 80
  17. 80INCHES

    Tunnel box?

    wat ever u do dont do this the setup 40 re re12's 5 usamp 4000d's 80
  18. 80INCHES

    Next Year Blowthrough Build 8 sa 12's

    9.2 cubes is the total for the rear and front chambers? 80
  19. 80INCHES

    A few Bandpass questions.

    i would never use that sub in a will play but im so not a fan of that sub..its just as bad as a they both suk monkey balls 80
  20. 80INCHES

    Creepy place i went to at 5 in the morn

    i live 40 min from this place and still havent been there tey... i fail...and its epic fail for me cuz i spelled yet tey and didnt change it 80
  21. 80INCHES

    Hmm i will send u a design in 5 mins

    Hmm i will send u a design in 5 mins
  22. 80INCHES

    i can hook ya up...just let me know the measurements of the area u want to work with

    i can hook ya up...just let me know the measurements of the area u want to work with
  23. 80INCHES

    Box designers enter

    bandpass ftw 80
  24. 80INCHES

    Happy b-day to me.....

    me and doug r like brothers....thats my homie 4 life .... 80
  25. 80INCHES

    Happy b-day to me.....

    lol **** its like that...well let me start taking some pills to increase my lmao thanx lol thanx a bunch thanx ...long time no hear thanx u kindly sir.. lmao wow i have the right to make noises thanx...i know u dont kall me no mo..wats...
  26. 80INCHES

    Happy b-day to me.....

    thank you..i cant believe im 30 to tell ya the truth 80
  27. 80INCHES

    Happy b-day to me.....

    I JUST HOPE MY 30'S R BETTER THAN MY 20'S 80 as a b-day gift everyone should paypal me [email protected]
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    why u say that..just slap it in a 6th order bandpass and ur good to go..thats if u have room to...

    why u say that..just slap it in a 6th order bandpass and ur good to go..thats if u have room to do it
  29. 80INCHES

    Cadence C5, C9, C2, Clarion EQ, Clarion VZ300 InDash Monitor

    ladies and gentleman....his is seriously loud.....the equipment is very good...anyone who get the c5 amp with the 2 cadance 12's(as seen in the pic) with the right box can no doubt in my mind have u c-ing 150 in a trunk bump for a good guy and really really good equipment 80
  30. 80INCHES

    Im still around....

    Ive been thru ALOT and i know i missed some things...ive competed in one db drag show and took first in street b this yr but that was back on my feet and i should be active on the forums again 80
  31. 80INCHES

    yea i can hook ya up<br /> is it goin in a car or suv

    yea i can hook ya up<br /> is it goin in a car or suv
  32. 80INCHES


    uh i who did that? i will be competing in super stock classes at the next show in ct...not sure which class 80
  33. 80INCHES

    Guru of Gang Starr Dies at 43

    dam i had found out earlier today..and its sad cuz he was a good mc...i believe he was one of the first "concious" rappers r.i.p guru 80
  34. 80INCHES


    i wish iwas there..but i had personal matters to attend to...i will be at the next show...this aint the only one.. congrats to everyone that made it out.. 80
  35. 80INCHES


    im debating if i should go or not....i have ALOT on my plate 80
  36. 80INCHES

    4 DP21 4th Order Build

    hmm this build is very familar 80
  37. 80INCHES

    RE Audio XXX 15 ***** balls.. Why???

    the new xxx sub is garbage...sell to a noob who thinks that sub is god and get u something that been proven 80
  38. 80INCHES

    2 RE SE's vs 1 RE MX

    If its the old se's it will hand the mx and xxx there asses in every way possible...if its the new chinise re se's it will beat them due to more cone area 80
  39. 80INCHES

    TC Sounds is back.

    oh yeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaa....time for thilo to make me some stuff again 80

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