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    Bass cuts out and makes popping noise once my volume goes past 25/30

    ringer ringer, chicken dinner... its your headunit. gotta upgrade mine as well, does the same thing, it cannot handle the additonal speakers, just the hardware within the head unit my boy. could look into a chupeo/chuchero head unit setup in your whip to avoid messing with the oe dash setup...
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    3 out of 4 speakers won't work

    nbs check for any accident reports, front end near fenders or door replacements, piggy backing off previous reply, could be an open circuit issue with a door harness, or was gonna say additionally check splice connectors near impact points for corrosion/buildup on connectors. my best guess.
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    Intermitten Subs trouble...

    Old old system amp, capacitor, and 2 12"s. Running an LOC off stock headunit in my 13 accord lx. subs work fine, except when it rains, and when i shut the car off the subs play a low note consistently until i remove the remote wire. I dont understand... literally only happens in the rain. Its...

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