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    What amp should i get under $150

    I just purchased a brand new American Bass E1224 for $85 which in my mind is a steal. But idk what amp I should get to pair up with it, I'm trying to stay below $125 preferably, but I'll go up to $150 if I have to. Also would I need to upgrade my alternator or power system in order to run the sub?
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    Need help matching an AMP to a sub

    Okay so I'm looking at buying an American Bass e1244(1200 rms, 2400max) to run with my Sony xplod 1000 watt amp( xm-1652z) but I'm concerned it won't have enough power to push it. So would an 12" American Bass USA XD(500rms,1000 max) be better? I'm using a ported box, but I don't know the...

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