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    Amps Made In Japan

    informatiom is why I'm here. That's it. Isn't Kicker considered A quality product ? I bought A brand new Kicker 5 channel that lasted about 1 year. So I'm not buying anything from China . That's my choice. It makes no sense to thrash me over it, huh Matt? Hell, Im using A QSC Amp for my home...
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    Amps Made In Japan

    Narrow-minded ? That's a retarded statement ! Then you follow that up by admitting China products have problems. I prefer not to buy China products when there are other choices. If you can't answer my question then don't make narrow minded remarks just because your amp is from China.
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    Amps Made In Japan

    What brands of Amps are made in Japan ? The high dollar stuff shouldn't be from China, and if it is I avoid it.
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    signal to noise ratio

    A very important spec when it comes to the head is signal to noise (SNR).To get dynamic, crisp sound from your Amps and speakers you need the cleanest line-out signal as possible. I've found the Eclipse 5301 the best signal to the Amp's input.

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