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  1. frzninvt

    FOR SALE HiFonics Generation X Samson - SOLD

    These were the last of the top quality HiFonics amplifiers created by Steve Mantz at ZED Audio. They are incredibly overbuilt! This amplifier was used in conjunction with a Gen X Saturn back sometime ago. It has not been used in at least 15 years or so. It was professionally unistalled from...
  2. frzninvt

    FOR SALE Alpine CDE-HD149BT Brand New in the Box - SOLD

    As the title states a brand new in the box never used Alpine CDE-HD149BT up for grabs. I purchased it years ago for a ranch truck install project that never happened so it remained unused. I would eBay it but with 10% fees and all the nutcases I would prefer to not to. Sorry I did not...
  3. frzninvt

    FOR SALE Orion GS 300 (chrome)

    The Orion GS, GSX did not have silk screening for the inputs. They expected you to know what you were doing.
  4. frzninvt

    Alpine DVA-7996 DVD/CD AM/FM Dead Head

    Looking for a cash deal since I am getting a different car and I am forgoing putting the system in it.
  5. frzninvt

    Alpine DVA-7996 DVD/CD AM/FM Dead Head

    Item(s) for Sale: Alpine DVA-7996 DVD/CD AM/FM with Optical Output F1 Status Transport originally $1200 Item(s) Description/Condition: In excellent condition with some fading on the "UP" and "BAND" face is in excellent shape. Price: $250 shipped CONUS Shipping and Miscellaneous Item...
  6. frzninvt

    INPUT please i have orion 250 hcca and 425 hcca ??

    The Orion 250 HCCA is only stable to 1ohm per channel Stereo and only 2 ohms in mono. You can run it to 1 ohm mono but you better have fans to cool it and gobs of amperage and voltage to feed it. You won't see 1KW out of it that is certain.
  7. frzninvt

    Fixing Broken Car Amps

    I never stated that the resistors were all that were wrong with it, I am just passing on the obvious issues as a starting point so simmer down spoon head. I have 30 years experience in car audio so I know a thing or two. I am not worried about cost to repair it, I just want it working again...
  8. frzninvt

    Fixing Broken Car Amps

    I have an Orion XTR-2150 that powers up and plays but us distorted. A quick inspection of the PCB and I spotted a couple (2) burnt diodes. Really want to get it back in action having to use an XTR-250 in it's place for now. Need pics? Let me know if it's something you can fix. Thanks
  9. frzninvt

    Orion Hcca 250 or Hifonics Bxi1606??

    Another vote for that 2nd generation Orion 250 HCCA, as long as you can keep supplying voltage and current it will keep producing more and more power due to the unregulated power supply. They are solidly built quality amps! I was running an XTR-2150 that was in a rollover and smashed on the...
  10. frzninvt

    Orion Xtreme XTR-200 Dual Mono Block SQ Amp

    Bump for one of the best amps ever made for car use. Here is a photo. It is much cleaner this is when it came out of my car.
  11. frzninvt

    Orion HCCA amps, 3 225s and a 250 Digital Reference Series!

    I agree with some of what you said but the increased voltage is meaningless without the necessary amperage to back it up. I know all about Orion having owned them since they first started out and having competed IASCA from '94 - '97 with the XTR Xtreme's. I know what they can do and what they...
  12. frzninvt

    Orion HCCA amps, 3 225s and a 250 Digital Reference Series!

    The 2nd Generation Orion 250 HCCA was only rated to 2 ohm stable mono generating 400W. 2000W where did you come up with that? Is that the Sony Explod method of determining power output? They can be run 1 ohm mono @ 800W but you better fan cool it because it will get hot enough to cook eggs...
  13. frzninvt

    Orion Xtreme XTR-200 Dual Mono Block SQ Amp

    Selling an Orion XTR-200 Red/Black marbilized Dual Mono Block super ultra quality amplifier. .0005% THD, 1000 damping factor, 115db S/N Ratio. Very conservatively rated at 100W X 2 @ 4 ohms. 400W mono bridged at 4 ohms. These sold for $1350 new in the mid-90's I was using two of these and a...
  14. frzninvt

    Looking for 2 SQ amps

    Champagne taste on a beer budget. Bottom line is a true high quality amp is not going to come cheaply.
  15. frzninvt

    FS: Rare Cerwin Vega CS-18A's, a/d/s 200i's & Magnum Pro Components

    Hello Rich, these are the predecessors to the red frame models. Those were the CS-15's which had a soft dome tweeter post mounted in the center of the woofer with a red foam surrounf. They had a bit smaller version that had a cone tweeter but both speakers were the absolute best you could get...
  16. frzninvt

    How many OLD SCHOOL audio fanatics are on this forum?What do I mean by"oldschool"?

    I am selling some old school speakers in the Classifieds section that some of you may or may not remember. A pair of like new Cerwin Vega CS-18A 6x9 HED's, a pair of a/d/s 200i plates, and a super rare pair of Magnum Professional 6x9 components with surface mountable midrange/tweeter modules...
  17. frzninvt

    FS: Rare Cerwin Vega CS-18A's, a/d/s 200i's & Magnum Pro Components

    Teaser photos of the CV HED's I'll have better ones later.
  18. frzninvt

    FS: Rare Cerwin Vega CS-18A's, a/d/s 200i's & Magnum Pro Components

    I'll get some up this evening as I am at work right now.
  19. frzninvt

    FS: Rare Cerwin Vega CS-18A's, a/d/s 200i's & Magnum Pro Components

    Selling the very last of my car audio remnants. These are all old school components. First up a very rare pair of mint like new Cerwin Vega CS-18A 6x9's all cast frame with metal grill, resetable (circuit breaker) horn loaded tweeter and 6lb magnets. These are quite possibly the best 6x9's...
  20. frzninvt

    FS orion xtr 100 (red and blakc marblized, ulrta rare)

    I do have larger pics that I can email, they handle 1000W each (500W per coil) they have finished cast aluminum frames and the magnet structures are about the same size as the diameter of the woofer. Specs can be found on under the "support" then "manuals" tab...
  21. frzninvt

    FS orion xtr 100 (red and blakc marblized, ulrta rare)

    Any interest in a pair of old school Orion NT2 10" DVC subwoofers, dual 4 ohm coils. I think the subs were like $349ea new, never competed with or abused. I have a sealed enclosure and the waffle grills for them. Shipping would normally be cost prohibitive but for short distances via Fedex...
  22. frzninvt

    FS orion xtr 100 (red and blakc marblized, ulrta rare)

    I have seen some tests on the XTR-200/NT-200 where at 1 ohm with 14.4V and a super stout power supply have numbers like 996 watts. I would imagine the XTR-100 would be around 800W but it could not do it consistently without killing the electrical system in your car from the current draw or...
  23. frzninvt

    FS orion xtr 100 (red and blakc marblized, ulrta rare)

    Here is a link to the .pdf Instruction Manual which should help: Basic specs are 50W x 2 @ 4Ohms, 100W x 2 @ 2Ohms, 400W X 1 @ 4Ohm (some state the amp is 1 ohm stable but that is...
  24. frzninvt

    HiFonics Titan VIII

    That's cheap for a Series VIII Titan even in unknown working condition, it would have probably brought 5 times that on eBay. I just sold my Series VIII amps and did well. Shame I cannot see the photos they must be blocked by my work software.
  25. frzninvt

    FS orion xtr 100 (red and blakc marblized, ulrta rare)

    You don't really need the 1/4" balanced input connectors for it, you can run it with a 5 pin DIN to RCA adapter since the DIN and balanced inputs are hooked in parallel. I have a set that I am not using if someone needs it. Stellar sound quality amps great for running a front sound stage. Ran...
  26. frzninvt

    New HU suggestions

    How about an Alpine CDA-7998 I will be taking mine out of my car tomorrow and was going to sell it on eBay. I have everything that it came with (box, packing, user manual, cage) plus a new sealed in the bag wiring harness, unused original remote, and a backup trim plate. Very minimal wear used...
  27. frzninvt

    Alpie CDA-7894 problem

    Most likely a bad laser pickup, check with and see if it is still available. United Radio charges like an $85 flat rate on Alpine decks if they are serviceable and parts are available.
  28. frzninvt

    feeler:Hifonics Olympus VIII zed design

    Is the heat sink white or blue? Do you have the Utilink power/ground & both speaker remote plugs? Does it have all six plastic mounting feet that slide onto the bottom plate? Do you have some photos?
  29. frzninvt

    Selling Off Entire System

    The distro block I have is all just 4 gauge (1 to 3 (middle and sides) in and 3 fused outs) I believe, sorry. I ran three amplifiers and fed them all with 4 ga power and grounds.
  30. frzninvt

    Selling Off Entire System

    I am selling off my entire system, I have not completely unistalled it all because we have been getting hit with ice and snow storms every weekend here in Vermont and it is still bitter cold. Not really a good time to be working with plastic panels since they get brittle. I will slowly be...
  31. frzninvt

    Ever have anything repaired by United Radio Service?

    What I did was asked the front desk lady to speak directly to a manager, the receptionist doesn't know squat. Ask to speak to someone in charge like the Service manager, trust me the squeeky wheel gets the grease. I raised a big stink and they even sent my item back and did not charge me once...
  32. frzninvt

    Ever have anything repaired by United Radio Service?

    Man that deck has been nothing but a nightmare for you since you bought it. United Radio which is classified as a 5 star Alpine service center sure did not impress me much either. I sent my deck into them for a power cycling problem that they initially could not diagnose and were going to deem...
  33. frzninvt

    While everyone else is getting drunk and partying over SB......

    You haven't lived until you do the Grand Slam in Alaska! Moose, Caribou, and a Grizzly Bear. Having a grizzly bear charging you while you pump rounds into him from a 300 Weatherby Magnum gets the old heart pumping. While turkey's are wiley and tricky to zero in on they aren't much of a...
  34. frzninvt

    Rockford fosgate Power 1000 25 to life

    Good point, looks like I'll be getting a different car today and won't be putting a system in it so I will be selling all my stuff of piece by piece once I get it uninstalled.
  35. frzninvt

    What would cause 0 voltage on preamp outputs?

    Sounds like a dead preamp section if you aren't getting any output from any of the RCA outs. Is the switch on the bottom set to "norm" and not "eq/div"?
  36. frzninvt

    Question about my old headunit, 7977

    Shoot for the older versions then like the PRA-H400 or PXA-H501 they sell in the $100 - $200 range typically.

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