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  1. metalheadjoe

    how many layers of sound deadener?

    Popwar must be making fake accounts to soak up those likes.
  2. metalheadjoe

    Really Need Help Finding a Head Unit....

    I stand corrected. I didn't know excelon products were listed separately. I will edit my post.
  3. metalheadjoe

    Really Need Help Finding a Head Unit....

    Alpine CDE-W265BT meets all your requirements. That's what I have in my Explorer. It is discontinued, but you can easily find them used and occasionally unused. Here's another option from Pioneer: I don't see...
  4. metalheadjoe

    Ram 1500 alternator

    The reason it dips then recovers is because there is a delay between when your amps start to draw current and when your alternator ramps up to supply more current. The solution is more battery storage to provide current before your alternator ramps up. I don't think big 3 is necessary, but it...
  5. metalheadjoe

    Best brand for alternators

    I've got three years on my 320a iraggi. I haven't used any other brands so i can't say how it compares to others. Customer service was great, their trade-in program is a huge perk, and they offer a veteran discount. I would buy from them again.
  6. metalheadjoe

    What brand of battery from Napa

    Don't act completely helpless.
  7. metalheadjoe

    Do i need to upgrade my alternator to get to 14.4v?

    Thanks for trying to help. That's why we are all here, and that's why we all get worked up when we someone post bad advice.
  8. metalheadjoe

    Do i need to upgrade my alternator to get to 14.4v?

    Big 3 does not help voltage drop. I'm running out of energy to correct rumors.
  9. metalheadjoe

    Do i need to upgrade my alternator to get to 14.4v?

    The day you decide you know everything is the day you stop learning. Learning is the opposite of frustration.
  10. metalheadjoe

    A car audio tech recommended for me to get my system rewired. Am I getting scammed? Or should I go for it?

    Many red flags from that single picture. I would get the install fixed for safety reasons. I wouldn't bite on their jl speakers. You only need new rca's if yours are damaged. What the **** are 9mm's?
  11. metalheadjoe

    Do i need to upgrade my alternator to get to 14.4v?

    That's fine. I responded to the guy who said you need to upgrade alternator for 1kw, and I stand by that. Most people don't understand that alternator helps with a constant draw, and battery helps with sporadic or intermittent draw. There is a delay between electrical demand and alternator...
  12. metalheadjoe

    Do i need to upgrade my alternator to get to 14.4v?

    You absolutely don't need an upgraded alternator at 1000w. Telling to waste $600 on a part he might not need is not helping.
  13. metalheadjoe

    Do i need to upgrade my alternator to get to 14.4v?

    You either have stock in high output alternators or you don't understand their role.
  14. metalheadjoe

    New amp smoking - HELP

    Check restance between + and - battery terminals. Value should be high. Check resistance between + and - speaker wires. "Resistance" should round to your drivers' load
  15. metalheadjoe

    I had this alpine radio which probably was rare idk.

    This guy can't be serious. Stop feeding the troll.
  16. metalheadjoe

    Amp wiring

    The correct answer is loose connection.
  17. metalheadjoe

    Electrical upgrade advice

    Batteries are far more important than alternator to prevent voltage dips. Get 40ah of lifepo4 and you'll be good. Nice car by the way. Mach 1 or cobra?
  18. metalheadjoe

    I had this alpine radio which probably was rare idk.

    Good luck with your sale. I recommend going on pawn stars.
  19. metalheadjoe

    I had this alpine radio which probably was rare idk.

    The "screw you" was unnecessary, but I'm willing to butt heads if you want: Old doesn't mean trash, but some things don't age well. Answer my questions before you get cocky: are you actually going to use this outdated head unit? Do you have cassettes that you will play? No matter how rare or...
  20. metalheadjoe

    I had this alpine radio which probably was rare idk.

    Right now it's just a cassette player, but if you restore it to mint condition, you will have a mint condition cassette player! Seriously, are you going to rip out your factory deck in favor a tape player? Throw it away.
  21. metalheadjoe

    Yep, another sub recommendation post. .85cu ft box what sub will give me the best lows?

    Your thread title suggests you know how frequently this is asked. Why do you expect serious answers when you clearly know your question has been asked before?
  22. metalheadjoe

    Overdriving Subs??

    The only thing JL is known for taking extra of is dollars.
  23. metalheadjoe

    Setting Gains/volume knob

    That's nothing but an annoyingly common phrase to try to sound smart. Don't say "gain is not a volume knob" until you can explain how it differs from a volume knob. I'm not familiar with your amp, but that depends on if the remote volume knob is an attenuator or a remote gain control. If it's...
  24. metalheadjoe

    Electrical Issue....

    Alt chassis to frame is correct. Research big 3 again. I agree with this. Sounds like final impedance is too low. Disconnect the output wires from the amp and measure resistance between the two wires.
  25. metalheadjoe

    Which power supply...

    He wants to use his receiver as a source, not as an amp, so most of your post is wrong.
  26. metalheadjoe

    Which power supply...

    Check out megawatt power supplies.
  27. metalheadjoe

    COMPLETED WTB Smart 5k

    What's your top dollar for a smart5 bass?
  28. metalheadjoe

    B2 or Deaf Bonce?

    Is there a certain power level where going higher is negligible as far as the speaker's displacement?I could see going from a 150w driver to a 500w driver would make a huge difference in driver displacement, but what about 1500w to 2500w or 2000w to 3000w? Motors can only get so big!
  29. metalheadjoe

    Any body not use subs and still get great sound?

    Audio systems without a sub sound like they're missing something if you've heard the same song played with a sub. Give it a shot: listen to a song with a sub, then listen to the same song a week or even a month later with the sub turned off. You could even go the extreme route and listen to a...
  30. metalheadjoe

    Amp ground wire location

    If it doesn't work correctly, bring it back to the installer. It's as simple as that.
  31. metalheadjoe

    Hyundai Cilantro.. I mean Elantra!

    Are your LEDs advertised as dimmable? Does it help to increase brightness? Check the traces on the cluster and pins on the wiring connector. LEDs are generally more reliable than tungsten.
  32. metalheadjoe

    Is this crap or ok?

    I'm disappointed that you support false-advertising. Have you ran any of their products, or are you being argumentative as usual?
  33. metalheadjoe


    No more lucky than anyone else is that their amp doesn't randomly fail.
  34. metalheadjoe

    Small 1500w RMS @2ohm Amp under $200

    You're looking at a used amp.
  35. metalheadjoe


    You correctly phrased that your amp pulls current, then incorrectly implied that your alternator pushes current in the same post? I'm dumbfounded. You are correct in theory. Voltage is constant across all branches of a parallel circuit. The variable is wire size, which can cause voltage drop...
  36. metalheadjoe

    Is this crap or ok?

    The company name doesn't say anything about fishing (and you could install their products in your bass boat, so your meant-to-be-witty comment is stupid), but I'm sure you made a few freshmen giggle. For what it's worth, I won't buy American Racing products for the same reason.
  37. metalheadjoe

    Is this crap or ok?

    I agree with this. I disagree with this. I don't have a problem with products made overseas, but I have a problem with a product made overseas that calls itself AMERICAN bass.
  38. metalheadjoe

    Four 8" Subs vs 3 12" Subs

    Kicker subs are louder than alpine subs in my experience. Kicker is more spl and alpine is more sq. Four subs can be wired to your amp's minimum impedance, unless you are running goofy jl impedance.
  39. metalheadjoe

    What’s the Minimum RMS Amp?

    It won't power that sub anywhere near its full potential, but you can connect them.

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