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    DC Dual alt kit

    200 shipped?
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    WTB High Output Alt for a Grand Prix ASAP!

    I just got a singer alternator ordered from Jim couldn't be happier biggest voltage drop might be .5 at most which I just have one xs power d3400 and pulling 5000 rms with my dc 5k couldn't be happier. And I got it after one week and one day right to my door
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    2 15" DC lvl 4's (local) $250

    Hey bro u got pm I can pick them up. A friend of mine lives in Austin.
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    WTT DC lvl 4 15 (D2)

    How much shipped to 78046?
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    Wtb 6.5 speakers

    Guys I have a 2002 avalanche My front stage consists of cdt hd 61a components I got an American bass vfl150.4 the rear stage is stock and I'm looking at some crecendo with the super tweets as well. I want something to sound nice not looking to spend much. As I have in the past. Maybe 200 tops...
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    2 15" DC lvl 4's (local) $250

    250 for both or each? They are in working condition right? Just connect and slam with the bass?
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    2 15" DC lvl 4's (local) $250

    How much u want for both man? I myself got 2 dc xl 15 but are dual .7 I'm from laredo if I like the price I might just go and meet u somewhere this weekend
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    Wtt my Crescendo 5500 for ns1 plus cash

    Would u consider selling it? If so how much?
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    Well u really don't know what they charge at a local shop to be exact but I usually charge friends neighbors people around 40 dollars for installation of a bass amplifier. The wire I would say is 4 gauge. Idk wat brand. Ofc? Cca? But ive seen some 4 gauge go for about 20-40 dollars locally. If...
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    2 ab xd 6.54 s4

    Oh. I thought they were good for mid bass and highs. Low I don't need I have 2 dc 15 xl with a dc 5k. Just ordered an American bass 150.4 vfl and waiting just looking for some foot components or good mid bass speakers I have some 6x9 Memphis m class and some alpine type s that I need to switch...
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    2 ab xd 6.54 s4

    How good are these? R they good if mounted on the doors? Pm a good price for both.
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    FS/Trade: 300 Amp Iraggi Alt / 170 amps @ idle Alternator

    How low of voltage would it go down to on full tilt with the 5k. How many batteries did u have? I just have an optima and kinetik up back. I just bought an American bass vfl150.4. Pm me and if offer is good I will buy by this upcoming weekend
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    Dc audio 2002 impala

    How much u wanting for that Iraggi? I have a 240 alt but really need a bigger one so that I can crank my 5k even louder. The system is in and it pounds. Hopefully I'll upload some more pics later today
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    Court date because of the audiooooooz

    What does your system consist of? Must be a pretty d**k officer I haven't heard of twisted or johnathan price getting a ticket. I've seen where cops arrive but they are cool.
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    The idiots known as UPS

    Sounds like it might have been the shippers fault for not making it a signature required delivery.
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    Need Help On Building A System 5-7k Price Range, Please Help

    Mistrass your a *******. How can u not know who mylows10 is??? William_82 mylows10 is a very good vendor. I live in Texas and he is and California and u can say he is the one putting my system together. He always answers my questions and suggests for better things. If your going to spend that...
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    (2) dc audio xl m1 12" d2 dome dust caps

    Where r u located might be intrested
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    Dc audio 2002 impala

    34x36x14 subs up port towards inside of car. Tune around 36
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    Dc audio 2002 impala

    U know I will Jim. If there was a personal trainer for car audio Jim is consider my trainer lol. Helped me out a lot. Thanks Jim appreciate ot
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    Dc audio 2002 impala

    Box will be going thru inside of car. The inside of the car is teared up. I will post pics probably tomorrow of how the car looks. I will probably start on the battery rack. I'm thinking of going with xs power. I should start on the box hopefully this weekend and will just be waiting on the...
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    Dc audio 2002 impala

    It's going to be in the trunk as far as batteries I will prolly place them in the spare tire location. I will later wall this car probably 4 15 if not maybe even 6 on 2 5k. I will keep updating the build with the box and when my subs get here thanks guys
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    Dc audio 2002 impala

    Guys I've gone thru many systems before like everyone. But now I am looking to last a while with this system. 2 dc xl 15 will be going in with a dc 5k. Got an optima yellow top up front with a kinetik 1400 rear. 220 alternator. (Soon getting a tenney alt.) got 3 runs of +and 3 runs of -. I'm...
  23. Dc audio impala

    Dc audio impala

    Dc 5k and 100 feet of 0 gauge thank you @mylows10
  24. Dc audio impala

    Dc audio impala

    Dc 5k and 100 feet of 0 gauge thank you @mylows10
  25. My ride and current system 4/2/13

    My ride and current system 4/2/13

    Dc 5k 3 runs of + and - also my impala 2002 on 20's no system in yet waitin on my 15 dc xl with direct lead :) thanks to @mylows10
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    trunk sub choice

    2 12 lanzar opti drive 1232. Had 4 of these with a dc 5k and pulled off a hairtrick. There about 160 a piece. You'll love them. Yeah I know u said no lanzar but trust me opti is even better then the kicker cvr u had
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    Subwoofer decision help.!!!

    U got any pics for the box??
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    Subwoofer decision help.!!!

    Any pics build log? Please
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    Subwoofer decision help.!!!

    I have a dc 5k and had 4 lanzar opti 1232d I outdid a dd 3518 with an m2 but I still want louder. The size of box I had in there was depth34x36 lengthx16 tall. I believe it's around 9 cubic feet before displacement. I got a mechman 240 2 runs of positive and negative and kinetik battery. Soon to...
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    Subwoofer decision help.!!!

    Anybody help.!???
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    Subwoofer decision help.!!!

    Guys so I currently have 4 lanzar opti1232d on a 5k. On a impala 2002. I want something bigger and badder something that will make people tap out. And will have pressure to the ears as well as hairtricks. I was thinking 2 15 dc audio xl. Way do y'all think. If not give me your opinion on wat I...
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    you try to teach them....

    Happens all the time. I currently have 4 lanzar opti 1232d on a DC audio 5k. It sounds ******. Before had it on a planet audio bb2400.1 and they would ask me how did u do it so I would tell them give me about 550 and ill make it sound the more less the same. Wat do they do? Go out and buy a boss...
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    recommendations on new amp

    Probably since u have kicker -_- and for that price you can get something good (used). I use to own a bb2400.1 planet audio it was okay. 1 ohm stable
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    mylows10 good seller

    Of course him is awesome. helped me step by step on how to order my 5k has been keeping me updated and now amp should be shipping out this week can't wait.!! Will so order some 0 gauge and then some DC subs.!! +6   ---------- Post added at 05:31 PM ---------- Previous post was at 05:31 PM...
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    dc audio

    Oh okay thanks. Excited for my 5k
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    dc audio

    Has anybody that preordered there dc amps received them yet?
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    What sub?

    I'm most prolly going to take off the back seats as well as where the 6x9 goes. This is how I want it moreless. How much for a xl 18?
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    What sub?

    Guys looking to get some help on my future upgrade. I currently have 4 12 lanzar opti. I have a 2002 impala. Alternator 240 amps kinetik battery 1400. For the amp I just recently ordered a DC 5k and waiting on the arrival still. So I'm debating I want 2 18. Will be in trunk and box will be the...
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    Need help decidng between 2 amps

    I have 2 planet audio bb2400.1 they put out about 2100 rms. they r pretty big. And sound well. 1 ohm stable. Only thing is they get a bit hot /:

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