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  1. BryceCC

    Bridging rear outputs on 4 channel amp to use in 3 channel mode?

    I have a 500W skar 4 channel amplifier and I have bridged the rear outputs to my sub and am trying to connect my front door speakers to the front channels. I have my LOC hooked up to the front channel outputs on my factory amplifier to get the RCAs to my Skar amp. The problem is that when I have...
  2. BryceCC

    One speaker working at at a time with new amp. Please help!

    Hello, I am relatively new to car audio and decided to install an aftermarket amp, front door speakers, and subwoofer into my car. I was on a budget and decided to get a 4-channel amplifier and bridge the rear channels to the subwoofer and front channels to the front door speakers. I have a 2010...

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