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  1. marathonbaker

    Shallow Subwoofers would those fit?
  2. marathonbaker

    How big can I go?

    Would a 3,000 watt amp still be within range of the electrical?
  3. marathonbaker

    How big can I go?

    Just finished my electrical, big 3, DC power 270 alt, and Odyssey AGM group 31 battery. Current setup is a Salt 2, 12” Fi Audio Neo 3.5, and 4 channel 125x4 class A/B for front stage. Voltage seems to be really steady, but wondering how much more power I could pull with the electrical? Could it...
  4. marathonbaker

    Help picking which subwoofer to use!

    I hope that isn’t true. Guess I’ll find out first hand. Just installed DC Power 240. So far it’s been badass
  5. marathonbaker

    What battery terminals fit?

    Is there a way to fit my existing GP audio SAE battery terminals to this style of battery? Or is there a different terminal style that will fit?
  6. marathonbaker

    Dual Stereo Integrity SQL 12

    I also thought about a single SQL15. With a 1500 watt amp it might be the right combination. Didn’t think it would be so back and forth on which setup to go with.
  7. marathonbaker

    Dual Stereo Integrity SQL 12

    I tried to contact Nick, sometimes it’s faster to use the forum. You don’t see many people who can give feedback on the brand, or their experience with it. Quality seems really good from all reports but not much in way of fine tuning. 1.5 cu ft for 12, but if you go 3.5 is that okay too or stick...
  8. marathonbaker

    Dual Stereo Integrity SQL 12

    What’s the benefit of a 29hz tune compared to a 37hz?
  9. marathonbaker

    Dual Stereo Integrity SQL 12

    Does anyone know of a Prefab box or box builder who could help me with a box? Looking for a ported design but heavy duty construction.
  10. marathonbaker

    Door panel baffles

    I haven’t received my order yet but was wondering if I still need a baffle to go with installing 6.5 speakers in my door panels. What are some popular baffles or ones to stay away from?

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