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  1. JasoninDLH

    How Do I Wire This Sub?

    Sounds good, thanks guys!
  2. JasoninDLH

    How Do I Wire This Sub?

    Just curious how you would wire one 2 ohm SVC sub up to this 2 ohm mono amp which has four speaker wire connections (right now I believe I have it connected to the far left + and far right negative)? Maybe it doesn’t even matter? How would you wire it up to a 4 ohm DVC sub?
  3. JasoninDLH

    Help me!!!!

    Turn your gain down till the lights go away.
  4. JasoninDLH

    Do I get a more powerful Amp or less powerful?

    I never thought about this. 😞
  5. JasoninDLH

    2011 GMC Acadia WITH BOSE

    Doesn’t matter. Just choose a full range speaker (not a tweeter).
  6. JasoninDLH

    Do I get a more powerful Amp or less powerful?

    It is for the Jeep. I’m loving the JL Audio Stealth Box. I’m just a bass junkie. 😂 I was going to add a 15” Square Kicker sub, but didn’t want to lose the cargo space. The 12” sub mounts to the tailgate and keeps it out of the way.
  7. JasoninDLH

    Do I get a more powerful Amp or less powerful?

    Sounds great! There’s a nice 600 watt amp that will fit the bill. Thanks!
  8. JasoninDLH

    Do I get a more powerful Amp or less powerful?

    I’m contemplating a Dual 4 ohm Voice Coil 400 watt RMS 12” Phoenix sub. Do I use a 300 Watt 2 ohm amp or a 500 Watt 2 ohm amp? Or is this just “half a dozen of one and six of another?”
  9. JasoninDLH

    How to pick a good subwoofer amplifier combo?

    Not sure what type of space you have under the seats. If space happens to be an issue then I’d check out JL Audio TW5v2 13.5” Subs. I have the 10” 10TW1-2 and it sounds great.
  10. JasoninDLH

    Should I Add a Port or Two to my Soundbar?

    That’s good enough for me. I’ll leave it be!
  11. JasoninDLH

    Should I Add a Port or Two to my Soundbar?

    I recently removed my factory soundbar speaker setup in my Wrangler which included two ports (one on each side) with a 5” tube heading towards the other side (you can see them in the picture below)… I now have 6x9’s with no ports. Should I add some ports somewhere or just leave it be?
  12. 952BA0B9-5122-4876-BAFF-19DC2027983D.jpeg


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  16. JasoninDLH

    Out With the Old in With the New

    I’ve never really noticed the sound bar speakers. Not until now that is!
  17. JasoninDLH

    Out With the Old in With the New

    I love owning a Wrangler because you can easily customize everything (I even have palm tree lock cylinder covers. I hate owning a Wrangler because you can easily customize everything💰💰💰. The sound bar on these things comes with two measly small speakers. So out with the old and in with the...
  18. EC039EAF-559A-4531-AD65-D98F744A5408.jpeg


  19. C3957813-FDEA-4559-950D-24185980AA21.jpeg


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  21. 9DB1CEB5-549A-4DE4-8B71-230F21987CBF.jpeg


  22. JasoninDLH

    Ground Loop Isolator

    How about this…
  23. JasoninDLH

    2003 Jetta build V4.1 AKA "Violently Expensive"

    Whew…you put a lot of work into this! Looks great!
  24. JasoninDLH

    Random Box Pics!

    That darn cooler. 🤣
  25. JasoninDLH

    Random Box Pics!

    Nice work! How long does something like this take you to build?
  26. JasoninDLH

    1" birch

    Dang…You gotta post some pics up during your build. Definitely gotta see it when it’s done!
  27. JasoninDLH

    Guys…Clean Your Engines. 😁

    Well, I sold it to an 80 year old, so probably not anymore.
  28. JasoninDLH

    Found 30 plus year old JBL unicorn

    Push this little button to insert photos on a phone…
  29. JasoninDLH

    Guys…Clean Your Engines. 😁

    I’ve actually thought about it, but then I probably would neglect mine, so I decided not to pursue the thought. Granted my Jeep’s engine still has all the dirt from off-roading last summer. 🤣
  30. JasoninDLH

    Guys…Clean Your Engines. 😁

    1. I vacuumed as much dirt as possible first. 2. Then used a leaf blower. 3. Next removed the battery (tried removing the air filter box, but snapped a rusty bolt). 4. Covered up the main engine with a plastic bag making sure the spark plugs were covered and used low pressure garden...
  31. JasoninDLH

    Guys…Clean Your Engines. 😁

    I spent a few days since I painted a few things too. The actual cleaning wasn’t too bad.
  32. JasoninDLH

    Random Picture Thread

    I hear ya. The wing nut definitely adds a bit of intrigue to the setup. I used some crimp end caps for some off-road lights, but don’t like how they look.
  33. JasoninDLH

    Remote wire only getting 2-3 volts from loc

    You checked the main in-line fuse? And checked all connections at the battery?
  34. JasoninDLH

    Remote wire only getting 2-3 volts from loc

    Sounds like you have a solid build. I was assuming you were using signal sensing on your LOC to turn everything on and simply weren’t getting a good connection at the speaker wires. You actually ran a remote wire to 12v or are you using signal sensing through your LOC? You don’t have the gain...
  35. JasoninDLH

    Guys…Clean Your Engines. 😁

    It makes a difference! My old Camry before and after…
  36. JasoninDLH

    Remote wire only getting 2-3 volts from loc

    How did you tap into the speaker wires? I‘m guessing a plastic connector like a Posi-Tap or Scotchlok? Get rid of those and connect a different way. This is a good way (I would add two zip ties for stress relief on the one side with the new wire and one ob the other side to make certain the...
  37. JasoninDLH

    Random Picture Thread

    I thought hammer stapling my thumb hurt, but I can’t imagine a nail in the eye!
  38. JasoninDLH

    Random Picture Thread

    Looks awesome! But why oh why is there a wire wing nut?!
  39. JasoninDLH

    Shop expectations?

    Curious…how much did they quote you?
  40. JasoninDLH

    Looking For Help Regarding Fusing Multiple Amps and a Capacitor/D-Block Combo

    The amps are not fused themselves. I am considering using smaller gauge wire for the 200 and 300 watt amps (I believe they only recommend 12 awg and 8 awg respectively). I will fuse these like you suggest. Thanks!

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