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  1. Kickstand

    Help figuring out the rating for these JL subs?

    Agreed I had 2 10W1's and 2 W3's so long ago that i won't even tell you when it was but those look the same as the W1's Although that was many a substance ago I Think the W0's had a silver basket and the W3's had a bigger magnet I think i still have the W3's in my storage unit somewhere
  2. Kickstand

    Anroid Auto and Kenwood DNX997XR Navigation problems

    We have touch screen registers at work Crumbs and whatever else you can imagine from fast food places gets stuck in the trim around the edge and they start to act like they are possessed I have to take the trim bezels off once a week and clean under them to prevent it from happening
  3. Kickstand

    Stand by your product

    That 2500 watt sub has a 1200 watt RMS on it. If your running 1000 watts right out of the box to it then that might be your problem. A company like Power Acoustic might be a little generous with it figures so you might want to "break it in" before you run big power into it but obviously the sub...
  4. Kickstand

    Need help with a Hi/Low converter

    You can use a 2 channel one and just use RCA Y cables to go from 2 to 4 outputs Do yourself a favor and get one with a line driver built into it or you amps wont be able to put out the power there are supposed to Bang for buck the LC line from Audio Control is a good one The LC1i is $99 and...
  5. Kickstand

    Top suggestions for 4ch SQ amp

    Although I'm not a fan of DD's new layout for the amps I have to agree Anthony. Only time will tell if they can stay on top of their game now that they have sold out so get now while the getting is good
  6. Kickstand

    What annoys the ***** outta you/pisses you off...

    We know about US politics because it affects us. Like or not the western revolves around the US. I realize that you guys have your own problems and I feel for you but what I was trying to say is with all the fucked up shit that has gone on in US politics in the last few years this is not one of...
  7. Kickstand

    What annoys the ***** outta you/pisses you off...

    You cant do that You can't condemn a whole country on the opinion of 4 guys That's like saying this is an accurate representation of the US Look, I get it Clean up you own back yard right? But who really helping out is this guy And your helping him to stop shit like this from happening This...
  8. Kickstand

    Random Box Pics!

    Minus all the times I screwed up the kerf and had to go get more wood :) We kind of worked on it on weekends and in our spare time so it was like a 2 week project but if you want actual hours I'd say like 8-10 but I wasn't working at on the job pace It was summer and he lives by the beach so...
  9. Kickstand

    Random Box Pics!

    Made this for my buddy last summer who was very picky about how it had to be Went into a Porsche Panamera
  10. Kickstand

    help for a first time installer

    If you want help either post a link to the product or pictures
  11. Kickstand

    Two 15'' Sub Setup for $1000

    You can try but your just going to get sub par products that are not going to sound good and blow up quickly Your best off to go with 1 15 but even that is pushing it for a $1000 I would look at Soundqubed for decent yet cheap products This is an expensive hobby Better to buy less but better...
  12. Kickstand

    Kerf port

    So I blew my sub It was a DD 3510 I picked up a Sundown Audio X V.3 /10 The sub is fu**ing huge Its too big for my box so I have to make a new one ( the magnet won’t even fit through the opening for the 3510) I want to kerf the port My plan is to have the sub and the port rear facing with the...
  13. Kickstand

    Downfiring box for my truck

    I have a question I don’t see any nail or screw marks Did you you do the whole thing with just glue? If so what kind? Always wanted to try but never had the balls to
  14. Kickstand

    Having problems with my install.

    Your not the first person to have problems installing in a new mustang Its something to do with some noise sensor inside the car? There is a thread about it somewhere on the site Forgive me for being so vague but it was like a year ago I read the thread and I'm not getting any younger so the...
  15. Kickstand

    New DD Sub with Rockford Amps in a sealed box

    The box is everything Either have one custom made that fits your needs or if you even semi competent with a saw and a drill you can make one yourself Its not all that hard Its never going to sound as good as it could in a prefab box
  16. Kickstand

    Modding HK4000 amplifiers - Visonik & MA Audio

    Where is that damn donkey when you need him?
  17. Kickstand

    Disappointing bass output

    You may not be able to get a new HU for your car. A lot of new cars don't allow the stock HU to be removed as other things run through it as well What are you using to convert your signal? If its just a cheap LOC then chances are thats your problem Not enough volltage If I may suggest I just...
  18. Kickstand

    Worth it?

    That icon is one of the better subs out there snd if it’s not cutting it then putting a different sub in running the same power is just a waste of money If you want it to hit harder your going to have to spent the money to upgrade both the amp and tge sub or add a sub (as long as it’s the same...
  19. Kickstand

    Factory Bose wiring diagram

    If your just hooking up a sub (you only need one connection) then use the stock sub wires If there isn’t a dedicated box in the trunk then there should be a sub mounted in the middle of the back deck lid Multi meter will give you polarity If it was me I would disconnect it but you can just...
  20. Kickstand

    Anyone Have a CAB 22?

    Thanks guys you sold me I was already sold really just wanted to see if there were any complaints about it He ordered it this morning Going to build the box this weekend while were waiting for the amp to come If the amp performs as well as everyone says it does then I'm going to look into the 45...
  21. Kickstand

    Help with selection of a 5ch amp please

    First off, nice car. My dad had an 86 M6 when I was a kid Loved that car I would not go with a 5 channel amp if it was me Subs need to be driven off their own amp and even if your only running a few hundred watts into it you should still have a separate amp The good news is the price of amps...
  22. Kickstand

    Anyone Have a CAB 22?

    I'm trying to install a sub in my buddies car. The car is 2017 Porsche Panamera The sub is a DD 3512 Dual 4 ohm He needs an amp and I'm leaning to the CAB 22, Does anyone have any first hand knowledge or experience with the amp that can comment on it The other options I was looking at was the...
  23. Kickstand

    Any Speaker ring Makers out there?

    down for sound
  24. Kickstand

    Planes, trains, and automobiles

    Its an Iroc Notoriously know for being the love of all Gino's everywhere I should know I'm one of them It was a sense of humor test and you failed
  25. Kickstand

    Planes, trains, and automobiles

    Is that your new car I didn't know you were Italian
  26. Kickstand

    What is?

  27. Kickstand

    How much does smaller than recommended box size affect Sound quality and spl

    If you want to put it or them in the box you have it will work Will it sound as good as it should? No Will you be able to tell the difference? Probably not yet, but your young so we wont hold it against you Eventually if you want it to get low and put out what it is capable of doing then your...
  28. Kickstand

    Trying to install new sony xav-ax3000 in a 1990 subaru legacy; doesn't turn on.

    Did you disconnect the battery before you tried to re connect the HU If not like hispls said you probably blew the fuse
  29. Kickstand

    Winners only.

    Come on guys All that "Free" money they handed out Nothing in this world is free You either pay now or pay later Later usually means you pay more When it comes to government, you know they have a plan to somehow get that money back and there not going to be honest about it. There going to hide...
  30. Kickstand

    Aftermarket stereo for 19 Civic

    Have you checked to see if its even possible to change your HU in that car? Might be better off getting a decent DSP with that budget
  31. Kickstand

    How much does smaller than recommended box size affect Sound quality and spl

    What does the fact that's it's rebuilt have to do with not being able to build a new box? I get the fact that the car is no longer factory but if you get the measurements you can always pay someone to design you a new box. The guy that posted above me is your best bet
  32. Kickstand

    Ultra budget subs.

    That might be asking quite a bit from this place IDK either I'd sure like to hear it but I'll settle for seeing it
  33. Kickstand

    Alternator whine issue

    OK Get the shielded RCA's for sure but if you have a 6 foot ground wire running back to the battery that might be your issue. Ground wire should be ideally 18-36" long. The shorter the better. Do you own a multi meter? If not invest in one. Set it to continuity, it should beep when the two...
  34. Kickstand

    What are my subs worth?

    Subs were rated at 400 watts Amp was rated 300 watts @ 2ohms I'm not sure how I over powered them but it was a long time ago so.... I shouldn't really complain I replaced it with 2 JL 10w3's running off an old school Rodek Was much better
  35. Kickstand

    Alternator whine issue

    How long is the ground coming off the amp Where exactly did you ground it to
  36. Kickstand

    What are my subs worth?

    I got s DVC 10 off my brother for free way back when I was running it off a JBL GTO 300.1 It lasted all of 2 months before it seized up
  37. Kickstand

    1 ohm wiring question

    Old Kicker amps were great I have not had much experience with the new stuff but I haven't herd great things about them I agree with Slo_Ride One I find a brand I like I stick with it So I run mostly DD which is more expensive but the quality is there The only reason I suggest Soundqubed is...
  38. Kickstand

    2011 F250 Crew Cab

    Box is everything If your going to run 2 12's just make sure your willing to give up the space to put in a proper box
  39. Kickstand

    Help needed

    I'm with Buck on this one Chances are he is using a LOC or a HU with a 2 volt pre out

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