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    What song are you listening to right now?

    My song is not on youtube. You would need an audio altering program. I use Audacity. Just listened to Perry Mason, but this will work great with Thunder Underdground, See you on other side, (not so much Iron Man), but something off Ozzmosis. Perry Mason and Thunder Underground are great...
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    8 ohm or 2 ohm?

    It's a shallow SUB, what clean sound you are expecting out of a sub that you want to run it at 8 ohm? Won't it be less stressed if you dial the gain down to what the sub can handle? The better question is, why don't you just get a second sub and run em at 1000w at 1ohm?
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    Clean Battery terminals

    I think you could remove that entire top piece, but I wouldn't. Those are for your main fuse panel and starter. Most manufacturers don't fuse them directly at the battery terminal, but that is the best way to do it. I wouldn't want to change that. That second pic, the red one would be my...
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    Clean Battery terminals

    This is all positive terminals. You can buy an extended battery terminal that will have a longer thread. It looks like this is all piece that you could take off, if you removed the main battery terminal post. You can buy battery posts. Something like this: Which one is the battery...
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    Any way to get Gracenote Info for my aftermarket CD?

    Is the USB that goes from the cd player to the head unit the originally connected cable that came with it, or did you use a different one. Some USB cables are power only and some are information too.
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    RCA splitter vs 15 feet of 2nd RCA's from HU....which is cleaner?

    If you use the crossover in the head unit, then you aren't sending that part of the signal to the amp. (Whether or not that allows a more narrow signal to be "cleaner") someone else might be able to answer. Have you checked to see if you can use both? See what the frequency range is on...
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    Reducer or run new power and ground

    Keep the larger wire and use reducers. It won't send any more power than it would with 4g. In the circuit, the amp is not pushing the power it can, the speakers are the load, and they are drawing(/pulling) what they need. The larger wire just reduces the resistance. You can always use...
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    Bypassing battery?

    11volts is normal for those 2005+ alternators. The older style with the internal regulators charged at full, constantly, and dissipated the excess. The new style is trying to only charge as needed so there is less drag on the belt. I'm sure it's more than .1 for this. The GM/Chevy full...
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    Pioneer radio install

    Just to make sure, there are no amplifiers connected? Nothing connected through the RCA plugs? On the old picture it looks like there might be a usb cable plugged into the back of it, probably for a phone. On the new one, I would not have a phone connected until you know it's working...
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    Aluminum for ground block

    aluminum is about the closest reasonable second to copper. Yes it will work.
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    Stand by your product

    Since when is sundown the standard? What about this scenario makes you think the OP is running a JL amp below what it's rated? Holy shit you're being a child and a b****. Seriously, you're like a teenage girl on her period. All your comment is, is just two baseless assumptions you make, just...
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    Stand by your product

    I see the specs, yes it is. 1500w RMS @ 1ohm. So they do make em. That's the only amp on their current product page that is 1 ohm stable. Not series, that's the only individual amp. The rd1000 is not 1 ohm stable (rated). The only other ones not listed, that I can think of off the top...
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    Stand by your product

    What's unlikely is: 1. JL Audio doesn't make 1 ohm amps. They aren't sending 1,000w @ 1 ohm. (this should be enough). 2. That's a pretty horrible assumption to think it's a 600w RMS sub when it's rated at twice that. Show something more than, "well the amps are overrated, so lets assume all...
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    Alternator Upgrade vs Stock questions.

    Your alternator is not effecting that in any way. All your alternator does is recharge your battery. If your stereo draws more than your alternator can recharge, it will only draw from the battery (the storage bank). Your alternator will just recharge it as best it's capable of. If you...
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    LPF, Gain, & Subsonic filter

    That's cute. So you know were wrong, but still had to be petty???? ok dude. Hope that helped you get some sleep tonight.
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    Head unit for Opel with separate video out

    You explained it well, I get it. I just have no clue if that's how those work. I thought you might have another option if you wanted it.
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    Stand by your product

    Relax dude, it's not that serious. yeah, that's what I'm thinking. I just think it's more likely they screwed something up then two subs were both bad (AFTER A DAY). So both subs we're good when installed, both played, and THEN; they WENT bad on their own??? I don't buy it. (I've...
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    Head unit for Opel with separate video out

    Just curious, Could you just move your current CD70 to the new location, and get your new head unit to where that is? Just have two separate head units. Move the CD70 to that area, leave the speakers off, and just connect the wires it needs to power. Then you can leave the bluetooth or...
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    LPF, Gain, & Subsonic filter

    ? Try writing a sentence. Nothing in there is relevant to what I said.
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    Stand by your product

    We don't know that and neither does OP. This setup doesn't make sense to me. That's about the cheapest high powered (number on the box) sub you can find. Then puts it on a JL audio amp, ( and I feel pretty confident they don't make a 1 ohm capable amp). I honestly wouldn't be surprised...
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    Stand by your product

    So I could only find that sub as a DVC 2ohm sub, (2500w that you bought for $100). It should be wired up as 1ohm, and I don't think JL audio makes a 1ohm 1000w amp. (@ 2ohms, yes, but I don't think their amps do 1 ohm). Of course you don't want to hear it, but the more likely scenario is you...
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    box for 6x9" speakers

    20w on those infiniti speakers are underpowered. Those 6" are underpowered, and they are midbass, not bass. (There's a little "sounds like a bump" for sound quality, but nothing you're going to REALLY feel). If you put your hand on the speaker you'll know it's playing but you won't feel it...
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    LPF, Gain, & Subsonic filter

    Anywhere that ships with USPS (US Postal Service) will ship to Bahrain. says they don't ship internationally (any more, but they do use USPS), and they will fix that soon, but it was written two years ago. It looks like a policy they made during the covid slowdown. If it was...
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    Amps on but no sound from subs

    Need to know your setup. Just curious, before you connected it, did you check your resistance for your subs?
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    LPF, Gain, & Subsonic filter

    Thats a 350w amp (1ohm RMS) and a DVC 2ohm 800w rms sub. (I really don't try to be rude), I see they are both on sale, did you just buy the cheapest amp and sub you found after searching for a few minutes and skar came up? That's just not a good combo at all. There's a lot of questions here...
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    box for 6x9" speakers

    Just mount your 6x9s where you can. If you need a box because you don't have any where to mount them on your vehicle, then use em. You are overthinking it. Don't bother with porting it, there's no way your 6x9s need it, you would probably never notice it, and good luck getting it right...
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    Remote Line for Amp - Sony XAV AX8100 and PAC RP4.2-TY11

    Yeah you have it. Your head unit has RCA outputs, those go to the amp. The blue/white wire = remote wire = a switch wire / power button. Yeah connect to the blue/white wire to the amp's remote in. Not sure how a head unit would have a remote sensing wire for the head unit. The remote...
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    Noise issue

    Try pulling your head unit out of its mount (all connected) and see if that helps. I've had RCA's cause whine because once it was all mounted, there was pressure on the plug. All the other wiring behind the head unit was pushing on the rca plug while it was plugged into the head unit. Had...
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    Need help to find the right amplifier for my Subwoofer

    A few got it right. I wouldn't bother with spending money on anything but a simple 1 ohm amp that can do 400 - personally you could higher than 700, but that's your call, and you might not want to for a few reasons. It won't make much of a difference going beyond 400, but you definitely have...
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    Need help to find the right amplifier for my Subwoofer

    POPPY-COCK. Speakers come with 2 ratings. RMS and Peak. Peak is what the sub can handle in a quick burst. If you max out your settings and accidentally crank it all the way for a second and turn it down, you won't blow your speakers. RMS is Root Mean Sqaure. In short - it is where the...
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    How to pick a good subwoofer amplifier combo?

    So these are going to be slim subs? Are you going with a prefabbed enclosure? If so that tells you your mounting depth limits. If not, have you measured, and planned your box yet? Are you prepared to add a larger alternator? Could be $200-$600. What is your budget? So you haven't yet...
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    Electrical Alternator Advice

    Yeah so I'll clarify that for OP. The numbers I gave are for playing your stereo maxed out, for hours on end. If you listen to it like that with that wattage, you won't have any problems at all. There is still plenty of wiggle room in there. If you listen to it for a few songs at high on...
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    Six speaker OEM car - alter new head unit adapter harness to output to the cars six speakers

    Not really no. Your head unit doesn't support 6 channels does it? If not there is no good way to connect your factory 6 speakers to it. This might be bad news, but you might have just pushed the ball, and now it's teetering on the edge of the hill. You would need to combine two sets into...
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    Electrical Alternator Advice

    Your "weakest point" in that is the alternator. Your stock alternator would have been good enough to run the vehicle. Fuel injection, ecu, headlights, brakelights, turns, AC, fans, all use something. If you have something made in the last 20 years you probably use 30- about 100 amps when...
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    Help picking which subwoofer to use!

    It's not true, that's not the way electrical works. The only way ANY alternator can hurt your electrical is if the voltage regulator goes bad and it keeps charging at a higher voltage. But don't worry about your electrical, because you would be more likely to explode your battery. (This is...
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    Kicker CompS terminals question

    Those are 4 ohm SVC subs. Think of those as dual input terminals. You have two wire inputs for one terminal. The "advantage" is that it makes it easier to wire them together when your subwoofers are all inside one box. So when you have two wires you aren't trying to stuff em both...
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    4 channel amplifier and 8 speakers?

    Honestly, Unless you want it LOUD. I think with what you are sitting on, and the limitations of the vehicle. I would just run the rainbow components up front, get an adapter to run the 4" in the back, and get a head unit that will do 50w x 4 to power it all. Otherwise, you either need to...
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    Android 2 DIN car radio

    Your vehicle might require the use of some adapter to keep some specific vehicle options, like warning noises, or steering wheel controls. You will want to find that out, or should know. It is usually a simple module that plugs in between that can solve that. If your head unit can play...
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    4 channel amplifier and 8 speakers?

    So the Focal are 4" 50w rms The Audison are 4" 40w mids. The rainbow are 30-60RMS 4" components and (what I found were) the coral are 240w RMS 6.5" components. Which model amp is that SPL? I wouldn't plan on using the amp on the 4" speakers. I would buy a head unit that does 40-50w RMS...
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    I bought too many budget speakers! Help me decide what to run. :)

    I would leave the kickers out. They are a plastic cone speaker, and to me the cheapest quality of the three. They are also 100w RMS and 300w peak, so they can take much more than 100W. Considering you have a wide variety of music, I think you would better off keeping these out. -...

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