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  1. groundpound4200

    Pioneer DEH-880PRS w/ CD-IB100II iPod adapter

    Last chance before eBay. The listing starts tonight @ 7PM Central.
  2. groundpound4200

    Pioneer DEH-880PRS w/ CD-IB100II iPod adapter

    Bump, taking offers. One trade I'd consider is for an Alpine KTX-100eq (Alpine Imprint for 9887) + cash
  3. groundpound4200

    Boston Marathon Bombing

    I wonder if they'll ban bombs now. Oh wait....
  4. groundpound4200

    Pioneer DEH-880PRS w/ CD-IB100II iPod adapter

    Item(s) for Sale: Pioneer DEH-880PRS Item(s) Description/Condition: Used, good condition. The CD player face is really clean. Dual (L/R) 16-Band Graphic EQ for unprecendented control Auto EQ easily creates a baseline equalization for your vehicle Auto Time Alignment adjusts for speaker...
  5. groundpound4200

    Anyone else getting tired of the Global banker elite purposely destroying our economy

    Your anger is misdirected. I think you need to look toward the Left if you want answers as to why you are experiencing tax increases. **** that goddamn cliff-dweller in Washington. May he choke on a fat dick.
  6. groundpound4200

    The story of a lifetime

    You are retarded... you ran into a run-of-the-mill crazy chick and believe every goddamn word she says? Let me clue you in since you're obviously a noob at life. She does not have cancer and most likely is not diabetic either. Her ex, if he even exists, does not beat her. What kind of dude...
  7. groundpound4200

    mike of tulsa

    I can't believe some of you sent money to a stranger over the internet as a loan. Durr durr.... wtf did you think was going to happen?
  8. groundpound4200

    Obamas' bitchassness

    Obama is fucked. How does such a shitty excuse for a human being even be considered a potential nominee for POTUS? He is diametrically opposed to every value I hold and I hope he chokes on a big fat dick.
  9. groundpound4200

    How does ladies juice taste like?

    anus obviously
  10. groundpound4200

    Bringing back Funkin' Audio - One truck load at a time

    So are you going to jack the price up and then have a sale so you can try to fool the noobtards again?
  11. groundpound4200

    My Southern-Comfort Zone

    Northern Lights and Southern Comfort.... I drove through TN a few years ago and it was really cool. I wish I could have stayed longer and at least made it over the Jack Daniels distillery.
  12. groundpound4200

    Need to stop orderin stuff while drunk

    I hope he at least got some wine to go with that... ya know... for Communion.
  13. groundpound4200

    Need to stop orderin stuff while drunk

    I made a pizza once whilst drunk, took it to bed with me and ate none of it. I woke up covered in pizza sauce and grease.
  14. groundpound4200

    Baby names...

    Name it Aloysius
  15. groundpound4200

    Need to stop orderin stuff while drunk

    Can't wait to get drunk and order stuff tonight.... Last weekend I ended up with a bunch of AR-15 tools and a Don't Tread on Me flag for my garage.
  16. groundpound4200

    Any vapors on this forum?

    This thread was not what I expected....
  17. groundpound4200

    Not my week

  18. groundpound4200

    Which rc crawler..

    Guns are fun when intoxicated too They break less too...
  19. groundpound4200

    Where should I go get lunch?

    3 martini lunch = 3 martinis during lunch and going back to work. y u don know dis?
  20. groundpound4200

    Where should I go get lunch?

    B-dubs for 3 martini lunch.
  21. groundpound4200

    Calling out SourDeez

    He only listens to whale sounds on his speaks. Pyles love whale sounds
  22. groundpound4200

    I've had it

    J to tha R-O-C up in the hizzy
  23. groundpound4200

    I've had it

  24. groundpound4200


    I find them in my fish tank.... hate those bastards
  25. groundpound4200

    calling out black people

    You should call them out
  26. groundpound4200

    calling out black people

    I heard you like Nissan Maximas. Is that true?
  27. groundpound4200

    Calling out God

    Bury yo damn cat. Cats are awesome. You must not be doing it right.
  28. groundpound4200

    Great another one....

  29. groundpound4200

    sandy hook bullshit theirs even any chance of this **** being faked!

    I looked those up, me likey. If this mess blows over I will have to pick one up.
  30. groundpound4200

    attempted shooting.

    If the media would quit plastering these idiots across every headline they wouldn't feel compelled to do dumb shit like this. Whether it's for attention or escaping from a mundane existence living in mom's basement it gives them a way to be remembered by everyone and be famous even if they're...
  31. groundpound4200


    I've had Full Throttles... not bad, I like the blue ones they make too. They're pretty cheap usually too. I like the taste of Red Bull though... not sure why. I'd drink it even if it didn't have caffeine. I hate Monster though... all flavors.
  32. groundpound4200

    sandy hook bullshit theirs even any chance of this **** being faked!

    Me Chinese, me play joke, me smoke all your weed and do all your coke!
  33. groundpound4200

    Welcome to PHD Audiophile Systems

    Am I the only one that saw the title and got dyslexic and read "pedophile systems"?
  34. groundpound4200

    sandy hook bullshit theirs even any chance of this **** being faked!

    100% Conspiracy. I can't believe people are taking that whole incident and everything they see on the news about it as fact. The gun-grabbing Libs are loving it though and they run the mainstream media so what can ya do?
  35. groundpound4200


    I drink a shit ton of water all day but definitely not exclusively. I have my Red Bulls on my way to work and then beer after work usually.
  36. groundpound4200

    This guy right here

    Lulz.... boy ain't right

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