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  1. hispls

    What amp for internal custom build

    Not sure what your options are for buying there then. Certainly NOT what we have here and I'd imagine between shipping at VAT tax you'd get absolutely smoked with taxes on most of the stuff people here state-side use. What's even the deal with your country and the EU? Do you now get taxed...
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    Voltage Drop Through ANL Fuse

    Fusing on both sides will prevent the wire from burning your car to the ground should it become damaged and short anywhere between those two fuses. Speaking of, you're lucky you didn't burn up that fuse holder if you were in a condition where it had that much resistance. That's the sort of...
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    Most likely some internal failure in that head unit. Not sure what they'd charge you to pull one out of one of those cars in a junk yard, but aftermarket head unit of good quality is not that much money these days so definitely don't pay hundreds of dollars for a factory head unit.
  4. hispls

    What amp for internal custom build

    Isn't that VIBE a brand mostly marketed in Europe? If you're not in the USA you may not have the options we have here, otherwise people trying to DIY from just raw components often shop partsexpress or madisound. Loudspeakers you get from them have honest specs published and generally have...
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    What amp for internal custom build

    Nice work so far on the door pod. Why didn't you buy component sets from Vibe so you could have tweets that have been selected to mate well with those mids?
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    Server Issues

    Holy shit. This site has admin!?!
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    WTB Soundsteam Davinci 7 channel amp + BLT4

    Last one on this board sold for 900$. Apart from nostalgia value and "bling" factor those old limited edition suitcase size multichannels from the 90s have nothing to offer over something modern which could get you similar power with built in DSP and that would fit in your glove box and require...
  8. hispls

    Finished my 12v Headway SuperBeast 96ah Lithium Battery Pack

    And what's the cycle life on those? What is your chief goal here? Stability, cold weather performance, energy density, cost, space/weight? And if you run around hitting people for saying something that hurts your ego you'll wind up sued into penury (assuming you have any wealth) or in jail at...
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    What is?

  10. hispls

    JBL A5055 Install Question

    Crutchfield is extremely good at customer support and service after the sale.
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    how loud is your sub compared to your mids/highs?

    Typically people like EQ curves that look like a smile with low and high frequency boosted. Outside of someone trying to flat-line an RTA you won't see true flat response curves in anybody's audio system. You're in a place where people have sub stage capable of 160dB or thereabouts and that...
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    What brands are not Made In China these days?

    The hero we need but didn't deserve.
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    Boost my subwoofer?

    Odds are that the factory subwoofer isn't going to be able to handle any more power than whatever they put to it at the factory and you would almost certainly break it if you attempted to put more power to it. Most of the big brands like Kicker, Kenwood, Pioneer, JBL, etc. will sell all-in-one...
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    What is?

    Reading the last couple dozen pages of this saves me the time of logging into twitter to see what Literally Who? has for an opinion at least.
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    spl recone vs stock mega roll recone which is better

    Out of how many thousands of subs sold with shorting rings how many have failed from the shorting ring coming loose? Was that an OEM sub bought from an authorized retailer and did Sundown refuse to make good on a warranty? My gut tells me that if shorting rings were a huge weak link there...
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    Kaotic Kustoms subs... pics, and all that fun stuff

    What would be your cost savings per unit having your coils wound in aluminum instead of copper? Can you quantify the efficiency (or dB) gains you get with copper over aluminum coils in each of your motors? Are there any other differences in TS parameters you consider when deciding on which...
  17. hispls

    Couple questions about agm battery bank

    12V is well within the range of acceptable voltage for most mobile electronics. How much power you're leaving on the table not feeding your amps better will depend on which amps you use and it may or may not be worth the investment of money and space to add more batteries or multiple alternators.
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    What exactly does a higher Xmax on a sub provide?

    Welcome aboard, but it seems you've bumped a 12 year old thread. You'll enjoy working with 80+ pound subwoofers somewhat less after your first hernia.
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    Couple questions about agm battery bank

    You really should take it out to a parts store with a proper load tester. Handheld versions aren't terribly accurate and if one battery is iffy I wouldn't consider adding it in with a nice new battery and alternator, it'll only cause undue stress on the good stuff. Your Jeep may well just...
  20. hispls

    Alt for 13,000 watts

    If you wanted to just get as loud as you can you might consider just buying some shitbox van or large SUV you don't care about and doing a flat wall. You'd get louder with more space, you won't be destroying your nice vehicle, and much of the gear you buy can be put into another vehicle down...
  21. hispls

    04 Corolla 2 zvx 12 on 8k?

    You're going to run into some issues with weight on the arse end of your car at some point and there's a limit to how much suspension stiffening/upgrade you can get without customizing, also when you start running 80 pound subs 50 pound amp, a few 110 pound sheets of MDF, some 90 pound...
  22. hispls

    04 Corolla 2 zvx 12 on 8k?

    That's about right I think. I've never seen a successful sedan build like that with larger than 12" drivers. You probably do not have as much airspace in there as you think you do after you build a sufficient size and strength box and find room for amps and batteries.
  23. hispls

    Couple questions about agm battery bank

    Any national chain parts store will be able to load test those batteries for you to confirm they're good or bad and where your alternator will charge may be dependent on the ECU of your vehicle.
  24. hispls

    04 Corolla 2 zvx 12 on 8k?

    You're certainly shoveling shit against the tide trying to get loud in a convertible or soft top anything and getting a trunk loud without doing some sort of flat wall is extremely difficult either. I'm sure you can build a box in the trunk that'll have adequate room for a pair of 12s but...
  25. hispls

    Head unit with loudness or bass boost button?

    It's hard to find the old fashioned stuff anymore actually. Glad the new unit has the features you like. In future I'd always suggest calling up Crutchfield. They're not the cheapest but their phone support is very competent and can always tell you which (if any) things on the market will do...
  26. hispls

    2013 Mercedes Benz SLK 350 (R172) - 12" Spare Tire well install

    Excellent for good sound stage and imaging, don't expect it to move your mirrors or anything. Honestly with what you're trying to do just doing up the spare tire well would be best. It'll give you some low end whatever you do and from there if you absolutely have to have more bass you could...
  27. hispls

    2013 Mercedes Benz SLK 350 (R172) - 12" Spare Tire well install

    Excellent for good sound stage and imaging, don't expect it to move your mirrors or anything. Honestly with what you're trying to do just doing up the spare tire well would be best. It'll give you some low end whatever you do and from there if you absolutely have to have more bass you could...
  28. hispls

    Trying to make sense of the rules for matching amps to speakers

    I always say that if you have to ask this question then you have no business running things beyond manufacturer recommendations, but I think you're a little late to this thread and OP will never be back here.
  29. hispls

    Hi, I need help about speakers. BLAM, Focal, Hertz, Musway...

    Will either shop do return/exchange if what you buy is just terrible? Here in USA I would tell someone to buy online from Crutchfield, they are very good about allowing you to return/exchange things if they don't work for you or you are unhappy. Hopefully someone can help you who knows more...
  30. hispls

    Box Material

    That's rather a misnomer. The theory is you're effectively building an infinite sized sealed box by completely separating the rear wave from the front wave of the woofer. There should be several good examples of this in build logs here on the forum, use the search function and check out some...
  31. hispls

    Box Material

    I did this many many years ago in a 1980 Lincoln Town Car and it was several hundred dollars worth of fiberglass supplies.. for point of reference I was buying glass bulk from a boatyard and that was back when Mark Wahlberg was still a boy band. I would not consider that method today unless I...
  32. hispls

    2013 Mercedes Benz SLK 350 (R172) - 12" Spare Tire well install

    Using the spare tire well for a subwoofer enclosure is for stealth/show, not so much for sound. Drawbacks include cost of building it up (fiberglass is expensive and you'll need it to optimize your airspace). Carpentry will definitely require a good cabinet making tool selection to cut...
  33. hispls

    JY Power HP40 Discontinued

    Well that *****. I got a terrible vibe from all the car audio branded battery companies when I was initially investigating lithium. Glad I passed there. What's worse is that 1/3 of your budget in building one yourself is going to be just the copper and hardware or whatever so if the cells...
  34. hispls

    Hi, I need help about speakers. BLAM, Focal, Hertz, Musway...

    Out of the lot, if I had to buy sight unseen I'd lean towards Focal. Doesn't your local shop have a sound room where you can listen to them in person?
  35. hispls

    Speakers outside the car? Good/ Bad? Ideas?

    Mostly in the northeast it's the Brazilians and I don't know if they actually steal the horns from ice cream trucks but they might as well how bad that shit sounds. We have lost a few venues that used to host shows over this shit and one of the shops had been doing his show for like 30 years...
  36. hispls

    BAD Install- Water LEAKING!

    He did say it's 35 degrees where he is so it's probably not from the AC, but as you say I have had a couple vehicles pool up with water in the past and neither were audio related. Clogged drain was one, another was a gasket leak elsewhere. I do not believe that you'll have a gallon of water...
  37. hispls

    Hi, I need help about speakers. BLAM, Focal, Hertz, Musway...

    I've never heard of the BLAM brand but Hertz seems well regarded. Almost all of the active members on this board are in the USA so we probably do not know what options you have there.