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    Sup, bytches?

    Funky Pups are still the only subs to use. Is that Joke still cool? Been off here for 8yrs lol
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    COMPLETED Fi BTL Triple Slug - 18" Basket

    Not sure what this brings, been away for a long time. Won't ship. Tampa, FL. This is one of the original triple slugs prior to UFO series. Motor is mounted to basket. No cone/coil.
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    freaky girl wants me, but there is one prob

    HAHA.. so many idiots in this thread.. if you weren't around for tappin before stop posting you are making yourself look dumb to the rest that know whats up
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    China Tablet buildhouse

    ya cause those workers are getting rich.. Get real.. its the business owners over their who get rich.. a lot of it is the government.. the rest is Investors from around the globe this..
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    Finally got fosgate tweets, Huge! Pics

    they will be even harsher/louder off the glass and reflect badly
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    Advanced auto parts sale $30 off $80

    I know some of you all get your batteries etc there so I figured this was a good deal plus you still can do free shipping if your order is over $75(after discounts applied) $30 off $80
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    tweeter help

    you have the xs28 tweeters? I like mine a lot.. they are perfectly off axis though
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    Time to make some Popcorn

    I am saying that is a lot for those two batteries.. how do you plan to wire it?
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    Time to make some Popcorn

    good luck.. 4k is a lot for those.. it really depends on how you play your system
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    Trolling ricers at walmart

    see the forum is just as juvenile as when I left.. People term others disliking things that are dumb or just tasteless as people "hatin". Fact is we don't care.. anyone could have spent $500 for a shitty car and drop a decent engine in it to make a fast turd.. but most people aren't trying to...
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    Trolling ricers at walmart

    still a POS.. they can drop that same crate engine into their MUCH lighter car and smoke you all day and at least look a little better doing it
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    Which tv would you choose?

    wow just looked we have some SWEET deals KDL42EX440 for $300 and XBR65HX929 for $1740.01
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    Which tv would you choose?

    these.. $324.14
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    Good new 6.5" comps for around $300

    until the last requirement I would have recommended XS65s.. sonic Electronix had em on sale for the mids for 160 a while back.. the tweets were 80 so 240 for a GREAT set
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    reccomend me some movies

    the amazing spider man
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    AA Mayhem 18" D2

    have a triple slug btl d2 needing a recone.. very similar
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    Cadence S2W8

    ya I have 4 of the SA-8s at .5 on a saz3k.. love em. Not as loud as I would like but still good
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    Help me with sealing door speakers? I have pictures!

    if you use mdf make sure you soak them in stain after cutting and drilling holes otherwise they will swell up and rot
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    Fs: Xs-x image dynamics 2-way crossovers

    they are only used for the tweeters so this will be a hard sale.
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    Cadence S2W8

    I would guess rise to be to 1.5-2 so about 3/4-1/2 that power.
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    external hard drive help

    I have always used just my IPOD or dvd for movies in my truck.. You can contact the manufacturer and ask if the usb will accept video and if so what to call the folder to access it. Mine also has an SD slot which I haven't tried..
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    Cadence S2W8

    well that would answer why they took the power they did.. not to mention he is assuming the subs are actually seeing that power
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    external hard drive help

    how many movies are you trying to watch that you need an external in your car? I have used mine ONE time..
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    is there a substitute for 0 gauge wire?

    5623 strands of wire tightly packed into a case of some sort
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    So is it cool now

    I don't think most of the people in this thread A. Know of mlstrass which is why people aren't listening to him. B. Have heard more than their buddy down the blocks system with PA or maybe never heard any at all minus some hood rat driving by C. even experimented with them they are HUGE in...
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    Anyone collect SA-8s?

    are these all v1s?
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    SMD DD-1 and SMD CC-1 for RENT/RENTING out

    although paypal ***** atleast in a sale there is a possibility to get your money if they don't provide an item. That usually is enough to keep people honest. with paypal not being able to help you AT all in this case you are taking a huge risk(minimal investment) but big risk on losing your item...
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    So is it cool now

    you must be new.. PA speakers are old news man
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    Front stage overpowering substage

    well it should sound good to you.. if you are blasting the bass where it isn't needed you will hear it.. if you like how it sounds then its on you..
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    SMD DD-1 and SMD CC-1 for RENT/RENTING out

    I thought that was only for people with no Itrader?
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    SMD DD-1 and SMD CC-1 for RENT/RENTING out

    I see this going badly at one point or another.
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    finishing your box

    carpet looks the best.. people who say paint usually can't carpet so they just paint.. I feel paint looks cheap and out of place inside a car..
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    Front stage overpowering substage

    what you can do if its in your cards is up your substage a notch and keep a gain knob for the bass and turn it up on songs that require it.
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    Any box builders in NJ near McGuire Air Force Base?

    I have a friend up there that needs a box built for a decent price.. Anyone up there willing to do it?
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    160 on music possible???

    I see 55hz and 56hz.. that is not an appropriate tuning level for music so no.. 25hz-40hzMAX would be good tunings for music but even then depending on your box that still might sound awful.. most people can't even do 60s AT ALL let alone on music
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    Deaden my trunk

    not really business wise more just his websites.. people get **** soreness quickly
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    which 12s to get?

    I just did it for my buddy... OP see if PE still has any t400s left.. get two of those and an aspm 1500 and come out under $300 the rest for box and wires
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    also op it depends on what type of rattles you have.. My sunglasses holders and map lights rattled so I put some speaker gasket foam on em and it stopped them..
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    depends on the year... on my 01 I can get to the floor really quickly.. front two seats, pop up plastics on the edges and then pull up the carpet..
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    Deck No Longer Works After Boosting Truck

    all terrible answers.. how are you going to say his deck is blown with testing it.. OP take the deck out and connect it directly to the battery to test it.. for the ACC just connect it to the positive.. if it turns on then you have a wiring issue some where and there is either a fuse blown or...

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