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    2 neo pro 8s 2 prv tweets

    No they are not.
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    6 Brand New NEVER USED Sundown SAZ2500s

    will the warranty stand after you sell?
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    Wtb: Soundigital 8k asap..who has one? Black version

    could be cheaper if you just contact SD directly from their website.....
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    2 American Bass VFL8's

    Trade you an upgraded hdc3 12 with an aluminum flat wound coil for the pair.
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    3hp eclipse motor

    believe this is the same motor.
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    Wtb 800-1000 rms amp

    APSM 1500. $85 shipped. With fuse knob and papers.
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    Wtb: 1200-1500

    APSM 1500. $85 shipped. With fuse knob and papers. In case you change your mind.
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    WTB:1000-1500wrms amplifier

    APSM 1500. $85 shipped. With fuse knob and papers.
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    Wtb cheap monoblock

    APSM 1500. $85 shipped. With fuse. With knob. And papers.
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    WTB - 1500 Watt Sub Amp

    I have an audiopipe mini 1500 $85 shipped
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    WTB 150w RMS @ 4 ohm Mono Amp

    Audiopipe apsm 1500 $85 shipped.
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    Cheap audiopipe 1500 (ap-15001D)

    Have a mini. 85 shipped.
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    Audio Technix 0ga amp kit $39.99 shipped

    He let you get a kit?
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    Audio Technix 0ga amp kit $39.99 shipped

    Never knew about an eBay link.
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    Audio Technix 0ga amp kit $39.99 shipped

    i can't even place an order for one. thread should be closed.
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    2x 18" nightshade V1s

    31701 shipping?
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    vfl 8's x 4

    How many left?
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    2 Lanzar OPTIDRIVE 12" 300 obo shipped

    What are the coils?
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    2 sundown nightshades v1,never used

    duluth, ga?
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    Will do math HW for $$$

    well i'm taking a GPA booster right now but when i get something hard likely trig/precal your services will be enlisted.
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    Will do math HW for $$$

    do you have a semester retainer price?
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    FS 12" Custom Built subs

    whats behind them?
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    BEEEFY 10's here!

    is your eye caught? Untitled
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    FS: 12" Audioque HDC4

    oh well, me too. glows.
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    new 15 ti basket , crossfire xs motor

    interested in motor trade?
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    FS: 12" Audioque HDC4

    no interest in other subs?
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    FS 3500 saz sundown lightly used with warranty

    If you pay the shipping you can always get what you need. Especially if you use PayPal. Hopefully this helps the sell since I can't snag it.
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    New audiopipe apsm-2000?

    Where can these be had if some are already out?
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    New audiopipe apsm-2000?

    Not sure how you'd wire 3 amps but I know you can go two amps per sub, unless to have a tri-voice coil sub, or 3 individual subs. I'm sure two would happily beat the **** out that xfl.
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    New audiopipe apsm-2000?

    I had an Ap15001d back in high school. Toasted it, likely my fault clipping the hell out of it trying to stunt, my replacement held up great until I sold it. Hopefully it's still going strong. Currently I'm running a mini 1500, I wouldn't have bought knowing a 2000 is coming out, at 2 ohms. Got...
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    Parts-Express $8.00 Peavey Buyouts

    For anyone curious about the Parts-Express $8.00 Peavey 8" buyouts, here's some footage of them in there Temporary placement. No Sub on and nothing on the front doors. Just those two and a TW47 tweeter.
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    Crescendo Mids MP8s MP6s

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    Crescendo Mids MP8s MP6s

    1. Product: Crescendo Audio MP Mids 2. Specs: 100+RMS 4 OHM 3. Description/Condition: 2 8s, 2 6s, 1 6 may have had that debri issue a while back. Can't tell now though. 4. Price: : 95 Shipped for all 4 Not hell bent on holding stuff first come first sold. will not separate. You'll...
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    Rockford T1500-1BDCP

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    Rockford T1500-1BDCP

    Pm'd you.
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    Rockford T1500-1BDCP

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    Crunch Gp3000d pro's and gp2150's

    How much are the 3ks each shipped?
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    AMP 2k at 2 ohms or .5 will definitely do 2k at .5. i believe it's almost 1900 at 1 ohm on the birthsheet i'll have to double check. PM me I have a little wiggle room if you'll come up on the budget.
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    Rockford T1500-1BDCP

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    Kenwood KDC- x996


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