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  1. Sounds good on the Electrical Supply Part ...... She is a pretty big Lady ( Barbara Ann) .
  2. Appreciate that Reply. THXone I know this amp may not be the most efficient design ( Power usage wise) You said it moves your Battery Gauge. In your opinion would this amplifier demand a major electrical system upgrade. I have no intention of High Spl's just looking for something with the power head room for dynamic range purposes since I may use drivers with lower efficiency ( i understand Sq drivers to have lower efficiency) Thinking more along the SQ line of things according to my limited understanding.
  3. Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum and I've been looking around for a decent not too expensive Amplifier to fill my sound stage in the region of 75-100W RMS I came across the Barbara Ann by Us Acoustics. It seems to have a good Heritage but not many persons seem to have used them , I like the overall specifications too. I know it's somewhat Old school design Class A/B Etc but I'm hoping to have some thoughts on them or if in any ones opinion there is a viable reliable alternative. I'm a bit concerned about some Class D amplifiers and FM interference ( Thats probably for another topic). In my understanding I'm thinking this Amplifer or something like it will provide the quality I need. My budget is right around $150-$225 Can any one comment on this Barbara Ann Amplifier ? Thanks!