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  1. Hello, nice to be here. I have a question regarding the best location to put subwoofers in a 2003 f150 supercrew. I have researched a bit and know I can get 1 or 2 8 inch subs under the back seat down firing, or 1 10 Inch down fire under the seat. I could also get 2 8s or 2 10s behind the back seat removing the storage compartment. My question is should I go under the seat or behind the seat? Dont know if it matters or not, but I listen to everything from classical music, to 80s Country, to hip hop, to death metal. I'm planning a lower power/budget oriented system, using Polk DB 579s in the doors, and running one or two150-250 rms subs on a 5 chanel amp. Thanks a bunch.