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  1. If I should use it, what sized wires would I need to power it correctly ?
  2. Hello eveyone. I'm new here and need some help getting my system together. I have a receiver with a built in amp that I believe gives enough power to my door speakers. I also have a crossover 5 channel amp (PPI5440) but I'm not sure if I really need it and would like to sell it if I don't need it...here's what I have... thanks in advance. My receiver, Sony MEX-N5200BT, power specs: OUTPUT POWER (4 OHMS, 1 KHZ,16 V) 55 W My speakers, 4 Sony XS-R1646 4 WAY, specs : 270W max. and 50W RMS Amp, PPI5440, specs : # of Channels 5 RMS Power (Watts Per Channel) 30 x 4 + 120 x 1 @ 4 Car Amplifier Features Subwoofer Crossover I/O Interfaces RCA