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  1. Thanks for the response. Can you explain why I'd lose all bass if I installed these in serial with the door woofers?
  2. I love music, but have a very limited background in electronics. Mostly I've installed a car stereo receiver and replaced some caps in my home speakers. We have a 2013 Sienna LE with the stock 6 speaker stereo. It sounds pretty good overall, though a bit muddy. I figured the cheapest and easiest improvement would be to replace the 3 1/2" dash speakers with an inexpensive ($15-30/pair) tweeters such as the coaxial Pyle PLG3.2 ($15) or Pioneer TS-A878 ($34). 1) Do you believe these installs will improve the car's sound? 2) Because these speakers are co-axial and, thus, have a crossover built in, will they work with, as I understand it, the factory stock serial wiring of the dash tweeter and door woofer or do I need to install a crossover? 3) An aside question, because the current speakers are apparently wired in serial, does this likely mean the factory speakers are 2 Ohm speakers (2 + 2 = 4 Ohm total) rather than 4 Ohm (4 + 4 = 8 Ohm total)? Much obliged.
  3. Yikes. That's some sobering advice. Would you give the same advice for someone with a standard, lower end 6 speaker system (non-JBL)?