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  1. Ease help me with some kind of information that will help me to get the best car audio system...I have a 2008 GMC Yukon Hybrid and I have 4 15in American Bass and 2 2000.1 momo block amplifiers to go with but I really need to know is can I install a system like that in my hybrid and what can I do or need to do it whatever it takes for me to use this kind of system in my truck it's all has 0 gauge wiring but as you know hybrids do not have alternators and that might be a problem and I have 2 batteries that ho in the trunk to also help me power the system for my maps and speakers can anyone please help me figure this out so I can finally have some music in my life again I'm in dire need of a solution to my problem. Thanks for anyone who is willing to help me figure out what TO DO.!!!!!????