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    amplifier help

    So not long ago i had a single DD612 with a DD am-1 amplifier (500 watt system which caused headlight dimming and had a Max Current Draw of 50 amperage) which i just recently got rid of because I bought the new DD712(D2) with a dm1500a amplifier. Keep in mind I drive a 13' Honda accord. I was going to get the dm1500a installed with a second battery but this amplifier has a max current draw of 230 amps. 230 amperage amplifier for a 1200 watt sub would take a toll on my stock alternator from what i've been told. I was thinking I should go down an amplifier and get the dm1000a that has a current draw of 90 amps. My thought process here is although the DM1500a is 1500 watts at 1 ohm, the DM1000a is 1000 watts at 1 ohm but with far less current draw. The sub i have is 1200 watts rms. Would my alternator be fine with the dm1500a or should i go back and get the dm1000a?