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  1. I keep thinking this and can’t figure this out in my head and it’s driving me crazy. So let’s say I have a 2 channel amp and two 2 ohm subwoofers. My amp is stable bridged at 4 ohm so I wire them in series. Now both subs pound at the same time. Now let’s say I just hook up each sub to each channel and let the subs run in stereo?! What would happen? Will they pound the same or pound in stereo and be kinda off?! My real thoughts on this are really because I have a really good zapco amp that is 1 ohm stereo stable that I could potentially hook up a lot more subwoofers too but only in stereo not bridged. But I just want to know will the subs pound the same in stereo mode as apposed to bridge mode or even mono amp style? Also if I did hook them up on each channel, is there A way to just make them run in mono mode instead of stereo? Thanks guys. Also I’ve had an account here but I’ve forgotten it and used my facebook for a new one lol.