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  2. Hi, I have recently installed a Pioneer AVIC5100 NEX unit in my Jetta. I noticed shortly after install that I was getting a constant high-pitch whine (did not change pitch like alternator noise though) through the speakers at all times. After doing some of the normal troubleshooting steps (see bottom of this post) I researched the Pioneer pico fuse-blowing thing and I think that may be part of the issue. As many suggested, I wrapped bare copper wire around the outside of the radio's RCA outputs and grounded them to the radio chassis and constant whine pretty much went away, although there has been some faint static-sounding intermittent noise in the background when my iPhone is connected via lightning cable for Carplay, and it seems to get a little more active when I'm operating the phone (opening/closing apps, scrolling through pages/settings, etc). Suggestions on this static issue are welcome too. (higher grade lightning cable? Reground radio to car chassis? What am I missing?). Now the only time I hear the whine noise is when the display is dimmed to any degree, and it's pretty annoying. It seems to be somewhere around the 960-970 hz frequency if I had to guess? It doesn't seem to matter if I have the headlights on to dim or if I manually dim the display through the dimmer settings. I do have my illumination lead hooked to a fuse that only sees 12v when the headlights are on, and I don't think this has anything to do with the issue though. Anyone with a similar problem care to share their experience? I REALLY do not want to go through the whole pico fuse check/repair process if I can help it. Thoughts/suggestions are welcome on this! Thanks! BTW I have already done the following: -checked grounds at radio and amps for continuity with DMM (came up 0.00 ohms) -made sure signal cables and power cables are run apart from each other as much as possible -checked power leads to radio and amps for proper voltage with DMM