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    Amp sizing/output

    Thanks makes more sense
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    Amp sizing/output

    So this part....how do I know how much power I need? How does impedance rise work....so I should size my amp highest as possible and not worry so much about sub rated RMS? .....so if I had 1500w amp, what single 12" American Bass sub would be best?
  3. locale

    Amp sizing/output

    Thanks, so if I had a 1500rms amp, would I need to get a 1500rms rated sub or can get away with say a 1200rms rated one? But if I could choose always better to get the higher rated subwoofer right?
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    Amp sizing/output

    From a newbie starting point, is there a guide to how much amp power for say a single 12" is a good starting point? I've had 400rms before and could have done with more, will 800rms be noticeably better? Need to jump to 1500rms? If my alternator and car is fairly new and decent, when do I start needing to do extra power upgrades/capacitor etc. would this be around 1500rms+ generally? Lastly, if I got an 800rms amp, and the single sub is rated around 600rms this sounds like it should still be ok if gains are set correctly? Would I configure the amp gain to 800rms or limit it to 600rms? Thanks