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  1. Hey guys, I know that this topic of the Big 3 is discussed in several threads and even some arguments over it but I am not about arguments just here to learn how to install what I need to run a quality clean system in my ride so I can enjoy it. I have a 2012 Chevy Equinox Ls 2.4L and have installed an after market audio system into it. I am also upgrading as my budget allows. Currently I am running stock head unit with a L.O.C for sub amplifier. The amp is an American Bass HD2500 with dual Sundown SA12's in a custom Cherryman ported box tuned to 35htz and wired @1ohm. I am running 4awg power and ground at the moment but in the process of ordering Sky High 1/0 awg wires and enough to run the Big 3 under the hood as well. Believe it or not the amp and wires are not getting hot with the 4 awg but upgrades are needed I know. My question is on my negative battery cable is a ring with a sensor that from what I understand reads or maybe regulates the amp draw. Not real sure about that but the 1/0 wire isn't going to fit through the ring and I have read something about if it is bypassed I could see idiot lights as I call them and voltage problems with the car. I don't know anything about this so any help would be really appreciated. Thank you, Never to old to be a basshead!!!