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  1. Smallz

    One sub with limited space under truck seat

    Thanks for the feedback. I think I'm going to give it a try. Could anyone help with ports (or should I post again)? If I go with the 0.55 cubes@ 31Hz that it's specs call for, and I wanted to use a 3" aeroport, how long would it need to be? I could maybe squeeze a 4" port but will have to see.
  2. Smallz

    One sub with limited space under truck seat

    It will definitely be tight. But I have right at 9 inches now to the bottom of the seat. Could probably get another half inch by cutting the carpet and, if I really needed to, lifting the seat by an inch. It might also just be that it's turned down when someone is riding back there and the seat is up when it's just me, which is most of the time. Any other suggestions for a good 8"sub that could work in a ~0.5 cuft ported box?
  3. Smallz

    One sub with limited space under truck seat

    Ok, I get your thinking on that. But I was looking at the F8L because it seems that the ported box requirement is small enough that I could fit one in. Any 10" though would most likely need to be sealed. So maybe the better question is a ported 8" or sealed 10"?
  4. Smallz

    One sub with limited space under truck seat

    Thanks. Very helpful.
  5. So, like others, I've been out of the scene for 10+ years and looking to dip my toes in again. I've been doing a lot of reading the last few days, but dang it's hard to get up to speed on what I should try. I've got a '13 Ram 1500 and looking for an improvement over the stock 6"woofer that's currently in there. Right now I'm just looking for one sub for under my rear passenger side seat, so thinking box would be less than 1cuft. I don't have an amp (except for a 15 year old earthquake D2), so would be looking for that after deciding on the sub. From the research I've done, I'm somewhat leaning towards the SSA F8L 8" or Sundown SA10, but I'm open to other records recos. Probably sealed because of my space limitation, but again open. I listen to a wide variety, but mostly rock/classic rock with a fair amount of rap and pop (and of course Disney 😀). Just want something that sounds good with more low end! Thanks in advance.