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  1. Jorge Castrillo Martínez

    Reverse camera wired wiring

    Yes tanks a lot but are you saying that each wire goes to a light? I mean left and right reverse light ? my system already has a wire from reverse light to the head unit ( I installed it) but I am not sure why 2 wires and what the second wire is for hope is clearer now
  2. Jorge Castrillo Martínez

    Reverse camera wired wiring

    Hello all i am new to the forum and I hope you can help me. i bought a 10.1 android car on eBay and the reverse camera wiring is a bit strange to me. It has two wires (green and white) instead of one for 12v activation and I do not know how to wire properly the camera to activate it with the reverse gear ..... Have you seen this before ? Can you help me to understand? Manual coming with the radio is not providing any info at all. Thanks in advance