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  1. Hey all! I've been on here before and I've definelty fell out of the game... my previous set ups were in a 2006 cobalt, then I ran a two 12" sundown sa subs (when they were v2 600rms). Currently I drive a 2018 Corolla IM and I've purchased a skar sdr 18" sub in a preloaded skar enclosure... the deal for 269 was too good to pass up and I've never ran an 18. I'll be running a soundqubed amp s1-850. The trouble I am currently having is in the headunit area, not sure if running a kit to convert the stock unit to rca output is okay or if it's worth it to upgrade the unit all together. Any recommendations are greatly appreciated! If anyone can reccomend a better amp in the price range I would appreciate it, and i would also appreciate feedback on the preloaded skar 18 I bought. Hoping this set up is louder than my old sa 12s!