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  1. So I'm looking into sound deadening my car but I have a couple concerns that I haven't seen addressed anywhere. Starting off, since one of the main goals of sound deadening is reducing road noise, I'm concerned about how well it will do this. Do I need to be worried about being less able to hear other cars like ambulances, fire trucks, police cars, or even just people honking? I can't imagine that just putting in dynamat will cut off all sound from the outside world but I'm worried about the effect of having it installed combined with having music playing. My second concern is about heat retention. I live in the south and my car is solid black with a black interior. I'm already aware that I should consider going with heat resistant deadening material so it doesn't come off in the heat. If I add an extra layer of stuff in my doors and floor and whatnot, am I just going to make it easier for heat to get trapped in my car? It's already approaching 95°F in the shade where I live and I have to park in direct sunlight at work so my car already gets dangerously hot and I'm not looking to make that any worse. Finally, will sound deadening my doors make it harder for me to install new speakers? I'm thinking I'll probably want to put new speakers in my car at some point, but I've been told that sound deadening should be one of the first steps I take to improve my car's sound quality. I've been looking online at a bunch of instructional videos and articles on how to install deadening material, and all of them look like they would get in the way of taking it and putting in speakers in the future.
  2. I saw that there is a stickied post on this site about sound deadening doors. Is that thread good enough for getting me started?
  3. I was planning to install speakers myself when I get them. Would this mean that active speakers are going to be harder to install than passive ones?
  4. Thank you for the easy to understand explanation. My only concern is the quoted part. As someone who has zero knowledge on the subject, how difficult would it be to optimize these settings?
  5. Can you elaborate on what network mode and active crossovers are and why they'd be important? I've heard good things about Pioneer and was thinking about sticking with that brand already, but outside of that I don't really know a whole lot about what makes a good head piece.
  6. I plan on swapping out both the speakers and head piece eventually, I am just looking at doing it in steps right now. I've spoken with some people who have suggested replacing the speakers first, but it sounds like you're suggesting that starting with the head piece will yield the best results. Is that right?
  7. How much should I expect for those speakers?
  8. I'm looking to put some new speakers in my 2013 Kia Rio. I spoke with a local audio shop that recommended Alpine Type R 6.5" speakers for $260. I've been looking online though and have found quite a few options with great reviews ranging from $65 - $90. I'm wondering if the ~$200 price difference is really going to make that much of a difference, or if I would be better served going with one of the cheaper options and putting the extra money towards a sub system as well.
  9. Alex Jarrell

    Advice for a car audio newcomer. Is this the best option for me?

    I'm not really interested in installing the head unit myself, especially considering I want to keep steering wheel controls and want a camera installed. I have been thinking about installing the speakers myself though as I feel more comfortable about that and the only way I'm staying near my budget otherwise is by sticking with low end speakers. I figure it makes more sense to save on the $300 speaker installation so I can afford better speakers. Really the only question left is my original one of what head unit to get.
  10. Alex Jarrell

    Advice for a car audio newcomer. Is this the best option for me?

    Can you elaborate more on why that price is too much? Is it the parts and labor? Or is it the head piece / speakers? I don't have the time or experience to install them well myself so if they aren't overcharging me then I don't mind paying for installation.
  11. Alex Jarrell

    Advice for a car audio newcomer. Is this the best option for me?

    I actually called the store back just a minute ago to talk about other head unit options and speakers. The guy gave me a quote for everything (including the camera) for ~$1600. To get to that price I'd be looking at either Pioneer AVH 1440 nex or the Alpine ILX W650 for the head unit, and JLC1's for the speakers. It sounds like a good deal to me but I'm not sure.
  12. I recently inherited a 2013 Kia Rio and am looking to improve it's sound system. I don't really know anything about car audio, so I've done a very small amount of calling around and after spending about 45 minutes on the phone with one shop I've got a couple of options that I'd like advice on. My main concern is improving audio quality in my car but I've also decided it'd be nice to have Android Auto functionality. With that in mind I was recommended to get the Kenwood Excelon DMX 905S. I was quoted at $499 for the Kenwood and $109/hr for a 2 hour installation. With all the mounting parts included the total came out to $900 for the whole package. (Not really this forums focus, but I was also looking at adding a rearview camera for an additional $79 + $109/hr & 2 more hours of installation). I don't really know much about what I'm doing here so I'm wondering if the Excelon is worth it and if the overall mounting and labor cost is reasonable, or if I should go somewhere else / get a different head unit. I was advised that if not the Excelon, then I should look at an Alpine ILX-F259 or ILX 207, both at $599. Also to add more to an already lengthy post, is it worth it to look at upgrading my speakers? All of them are working, but they're also all stock speakers so they obviously aren't the best. I've been told by one place that putting in a new head piece is sufficient and not to worry about it, but I've also been told that upgrading my speakers can make a huge difference. I live in Georgia if that matters for prices. The state, not the country.