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  1. I was really hoping to crack full functionality with this car but it does not seem like it's possible at this time. Everything being tied in together makes it not possible unless someone ever builds a specific interface for this vehicle I guess.
  2. What about steering wheel controls?
  3. For those of us not fluent in car audio, if you have a sec would you mind explaining generally how this will work? How it hooks up, ect. Thanks
  4. Sry meant to tag you
  5. I appreciate the response man, could you elaborate a little further?
  6. I have seen a few people make threads on this exact same subject, but each of those threads ended with no answers... Apparently this car came 2 ways...without a factory lcd screen, and with one. If you got the car without the screen, then it will be totally easy and plug n play getting an aftermarket screen in there. However, if you have the Dart that came WITH the factory screen, the upgrade to an aftermarket unit is near impossible, seeing as how apparently your factory screen is tied into all sorts of mess. So I have the 2013 Dart with the 8.4 factory screen already in it. It's a complete piece of garbage and has never worked right. I bought everything to do a swap over to a pioneer screen, and made it as far as getting the unit fitted into my dash. That's all good to go as far as fitment. That's when I realized I couldn't find the harness to tie into so I went searching online. Annnd that's when I discovered the can of worms I had opened. In my car, the factory screen sits by itself in the dash and the radio unit sits mounted behind the glove box. The harness I found running to the back of the factory screen is just a connector with nothing but unlabeled black wires. You have no way of knowing which is which or if you even need to use that harness at all. But it does not fit the aftermarket harness. Also, unplugging this harness from the screen disables not only the screen but also the manual a/c controls and radio controls further down on your dash (the manual knobs). Everything is apparently tied together. I'm not sure if the harness I'm looking to tap into is connected to the radio itself (behind glovebox) or not. Furthermore, I have no clue how you would still retain your steering wheel controls even if you did find a way to make an aftermarket unit work. Is there anyone with experience on this one yet? Is there not a connector, or adapter, or interface or something?? Does anyone know if there is an electrical diagram showing where all the wires I need run to? Just in case I DO have to run them one by one, which I hope not. Also, is it not possible to completely remove my factory screen, radio unit, all associated harnesses, and get a harness from a Dart that had no factory screen and wire that in and go from there? In theory that would work right? I'd just be making my car into one that mirrors a Dart that never came with that setup. Problem is, with my luck I'm sure the a/c would end up not working or something. Any help or advice is greatly appreciated, I'm def stuck on this one.