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  1. PappaPerez

    Proper speaker wire size

    So many people oversize wire for no reason... I dont know why. You see it all the time with just the basic systems like a 500 Watt Mono Block Amp and they are trying to squeeze in 1 Gauge... It drives me crazy. Wire itself is a resistor, they need to remember that.
  2. Okay here is the scenario. I am starting a build next month. I’m doing this one for a family member and they have a conversion van because my family member recently became handicapped. They love a decent sound system seems to be a genetic thing haha, anyway all this started with a need for 120 Volt AC outlets. So basically what will be in the Van without getting technical --- Amp, Distribution block, Capacitor, and a Power Inverter for the 120V outlets. The Question… When adding a capacitor should I add the Capacitor before the distribution block so that it feeds the Amp and the Power Inverter or just use the Cap for the Amp. I see some debate on this and as to where the cap should be and what other items should be in the circuit with the Cap. So with that question could you please provide a detailed answer as to your thoughts on this… Im sure many of you have a lot more experience and I mean real world experience with this sort of stuff, not just some guy reading the book but have encountered this issue and have installed things before. THANK YOU!!!