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  1. Lukas Juozaitis

    Car amp and sub setup

    Ohh and i have box its about 70liters L ported tuned For 32hz
  2. Lukas Juozaitis

    Car amp and sub setup

    Well i think 2g wire is plenty for this amp. Atleast when i looked at charts where it shows amps and lenght. I tried different head units since my old one broke and its still same situation. I think im just pushing my amp too much since my sub is rated 1000w and im with 1ohm trying to push 900( atleast it rated for such power) the problem is that if i want to upgrade amplifier its very difficult to find what to buy. I want something that can play low frequencies very well and around 1500 or 2000w at 1ohm just in case i want to upgrade and with such amp i wouldnt need to push the amp as hard.
  3. Lukas Juozaitis

    Car amp and sub setup

    Amp gets so hot that i can't hold Hand For more than 2 seconds. I have 2g wires for power and ground. I think its just hard for amp to push that sub and im actually afraid to fry the amp since it gets hot and wiring and box are okey
  4. Lukas Juozaitis

    Need to choose amp

    Hello everyone, I have ground zero gziw 12spl subwoofer that is rated 1000w rms and i have audison lrx 1.400 amplifier. And i noticed that this amp is not enought For Me and it gets how after playing For longer Time so i decided to look For new amplifier. I found out about skar rp2000.1 amplifier that is not too expensive and i would love to hear opinions about this amplifier, does it play lows well or not low enought ( i seen video on YT when guy complained about that) so that's why im curious about skar amp and its performance or maybe someone could suggest similar 1500-2000w amp ( just in case i decide to upgrade subwoofer i want little stronger amp) in simillar price range
  5. Lukas Juozaitis

    Car amp and sub setup

    Hello, I came here to ask about my setup. I have audison lrx1.400 amplifier and ground zero gziw 12 spl subwoofer. Is my amplifier enought to get best results out of this subwoofer? And is it normal that my amp became hot after listening on high volume for longer Time?