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    reccomendations with ZR600 sq setup

    have a late model zr600 so hopefully it would be 800 rms or so. have not used it in a while. just installed infinity reference 6010cs in the doors and have not amped em yet. (Or sound deadened). But will be amping the fronts temporarily with a eclipse 3620.I have some cdt cl61a pro laying around, was saving them for a bmw but may just swap them in the fronts and move the infinity to the rear and find a 100rms amp for the front worried they may not mix well. I want to build a sq setup but have been out of the game for a while. Recently bought a police interceptor with a factory 220 amp alternator. Will probably add a odyssey battery as I have one in my truck and not driving it. looking for sub recommendations for sq.$100-250, single 12 or 15.