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  1. I was playing around with my new head unit and poked around app radio. Now waze goes blank on my phone when I open it. I think it’s trying to use the headunits display. Makes no difference whether I’m using iPod or bt as source All I want to do is get rid of it. I may have to do a factory reset but would rather not
  2. TyDecker

    Boot up screen

    Hi everyone. New user here i just finished installing my stereo system in my civic. Thanks Crutchfield for the great Master sheet. Installed 5 channel amp, subs, speakers and a pioneer 501ex headunit. The problem is and this may be normal but the warning screen about not driving while watching pops up every time I start the car. Not the initial set up on first boot. I hit ok and all is good. I’ll post a pic of the screen later. Still to early to go outside. Is this normal ?