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  1. I apologize for the rookie lingo lol but I am a rookie and I pay professionals, like i assume most of you boys on here are. I just wanted to get a second opinion. since I did spend a decent about of paper to get everything installed. I bought everything from a electronics store called "Visons" , it's in Canada. not sure where majority of everyome on here is from. So naturally I payed there install guys, to do the install. That way my warranty isn't voided. I was just frustrated. to have my car back not even one day and for that to happen. I just wanted to make sure what happened did and if I wasnt sold and told the wrong equipment to buy. I appreciate the advice and I will be having a talk with my sales people and technicians. Cheers!
  2. Hey so I I'm running 2- 10 inch hertz 750watt subs with a pioneer class d mono amp 1 channel, 2400 max w. Ran system for about a week fine. Then the other day. I was mirroring my Samsung phone on A/V input and was watching music videos on YouTube. Input from YouTube was low so I turned up source input on deck higher. Had to put volume to max on deck (40) . Listened to music for about 10 mins wasn't as loud as if i had bluetooth hooked up listening to spotify. After 10mins I think my subs blew. Amp is fine isn't in safe or protect mode. When I go to push down om ubs there stiff. I have warranty for the subs so I'm gonna get them replaced np . Just wondering is my amp powerful enough to run them. I seen some other posts saying if amp isn't powerful enough. It causes alot more distortion. Wich can blow subs. Would love some feed back. Cheers!